A I keep forgetting this is my very own website and blog and that I can use it absolutely positively exactly however I see fit.

Therefore, I decided I would share a little vignette that doesn’t fit the spirit of the website, but that I want to share anyway because Devon.



Vignette: The Desert of Malmern

Inspired by my playing Mobile Legends Adventure and this Mirage’s character ending up in a desert. Yep, that’s all it took for my brain to run in a completely different reaction with it.



     Devon had not expected the desert to feel so different during the day.

     Where last the sands had been tranquil and unbearably cold, now they lashed out at him, lacerated his face while the blinding sun overhead scorched his skin through his vestments. Sweat poured along his spine and his chest. His clothes, lukewarm and moist, drenched his body as though in a vat of saliva.

     The thought made his nerves crawl. He didn’t want to imagine what creature existed that would be large enough to swallow him whole; and yet, with swirls of sand shrouding the vast expanse of the desert from his eyes, Devon could but dread what horrors might be able to withstand deadly heat.

     He swallowed, saliva raking down his parched throat. At the very least, one thing was certain: no vampire would survive unprepared travel through such a hostile environment. In fact, even prepared, a journey without defined destination would be purely suicidal.

     Devon clicked his tongue. He raised his hand to shield his eyes, lifting his gaze as high as he could without boiling his sight away. Sand sliced his cheeks and his throat, winds howling at his ears. With every beat of his heart, he considered the crunch of sand beneath his boots, the wild flapping of his cloak as he tried to keep his hood steady. He flinched when a grain of sand struck the corner of his eye, immediately doubling over to scrub it away. More sand brushed into his eye. A growl rumbled in his throat.

     With heavy footsteps, his cloak wrapped tight around himself, Devon headed back towards civilization.



Noct, over and out!




Something something we added a new story to the website 😀


New Story: Belonging

This was actually written a few years ago, when I tried to figure out Devon’s human life. Naturally, one short story became several and ultimately I’d figured out everything of import that had happened to him then, including a rewrite of how he met Sorasiehn (it was badly needed). Their story is actually what I was working through earlier, as I’ve been missing this dysfunctional pair so much, until I realized I needed to finish Devon’s youth story before I could move on to grasping their dynamics better.

And so I edited out the first, shall we say, vignette in a series. Which is a start. And also a story I’ve been meaning to upload on the site for so long, but then I never did. This is now corrected.

Belonging, which you can read over here, starts at a turning point for Devon’s future life… And that is all she wrote. :3

(no seriously, I don’t wanna spoil it. XD)

Please enjoy!

Noct, over and out!


A small life update: Yes, I am in fact autistic.

And I have spent these past couple of months adapting to that new knowledge which, let me tell you, feels like a godsend to me because it explains my entire life.


What else is new?

Well, I actually realized today, as my brain felt like a fishbowl due to some sort of flu taking hold, that I can perfectly use this blog as a means to share unrelated stories and suches with the world.

And that’s exactly what I shall do now! 😀


Short story: The lonely woman on the bridge

Inspired by a tradition of prompting we’ve started over on my Discord server, because writers amongst each other. It’s done me a lot of good to write random stories not tied to anything. No need to worldbuild excessively or make sure that Everything Makes Sense. Just write. And let inspiration take hold.

Thus, inspired by this prompt,

A lonely woman stands atop a bridge at night. She looks down into the waters and stares at her reflection. What is she thinking about/What will she do next?

I give you a short horror story. Enjoy. :3



     High atop the slanted roofs of Jihei, the moon shone with unparalleled brilliance and devotion. It was said that, on nights like these, when the moon’s corona quivered with shades of crimson and azure, the Gods of the Heavens and of the Underworld set aside their differences to come and sit at the same table once more. A civilized banquet to be sure, though mortals never could agree about what, exactly, the Gods of the World feasted upon.

     But tonight, Shira did not care about these legends she had once been so fond of. In fact, she had begun to hate them. Were it not for her foolish pursuit of recognition by her peers, never would she have left the gorgeous streets of Hanyo for these… backwater mudpaths and their equally backwater population.

     As she stared into her reflection below, Shira tapped the sole of her foot onto the bridge – the only place in this godsforsaken village built with any esteem for elegance and design. A tribute, she had been told by citizens superstitious enough to believe this small, innocuous river flowed directly from the bottles and kegs of the Divine Banquet…


     What did legends and myth matter, now that her heart had been broken into thousands of pieces?

     Shira’s arms laced atop the bridge’s railing as she hunched down, sobs threatening to tear apart her chest. She saw the eyes of her reflection narrow in hurt, and felt her heart constrict all the harder.

     For a horrible instant, she wished Yoji dead.

     She wished him to suffer, as she was suffering now.

     Betrayed. Spurned. Abandoned. All of which with a smile so charming she still wished he might run up to her this very heartbeat and tell her she was wrong, that he had not cheated, that the other woman was but a friend… And she would gladly believe him. Again. And again. And all over again. If only he would look at her once more. Just a single time more.

     Sobs broke out of her like an avalanche. Shira collapsed to her knees, nails scraping the bridge’s railing in her wake.

     She wished no longer to hurt.

     She wished no longer to live.

     She wished for Yoji to hurt instead.

     She heard a voice giggle; like silver chimes in the wind, in her head, loud and clear upon an otherworldly silence.

     When Shira opened her eyes, she stifled a gasp. Down from the shallow waters of the river, a pale face stared back at her. Even in this ambient darkness, Shira could tell where the creature’s black hair turned to limpid water.

     No, not a creature. A woman.

     Water splashed beneath the bridge. Shira gulped.

     “There is no cause for worry, O Child of the Seven Streams” the creature – woman – said. Her voice, clear and trilling, came as a song. “I heard your plea. I came to—” The next word she spoke came out as the grind of rock and metal, deep and shrill and ear-shattering. Then, the creature let out a hooting chuckle. “Forgive my manners, Child. The words of your kind do often fail me.”

     Was there truly something to forgive? Suddenly, Shira realized. She gasped and immediately huddled down on her knees and outstretched hands. “My apologies, Grand One! I did not realize sooner!”

     Shira expected; ire, retribution. The Gods of the World were not known for their compassion, when proper tribute and honours were not given.

     … but how was she supposed to know that Gods were real?

     “It is quite all right,” the woman – the God said, their voice so close to her now, so quiet and languid and alluring. Shira tentatively lifted her head… and was greeted by the God’s face, hovering right in front of her upon a snake-like neck, black hair trailing the contours of their pale eyes and lips. Their skin shimmered in the moon’s light, quivering with each breath Shira imagined they took. “We are, after all, but tales often tall as we are wide.”

     The God grinned. Their teeth, sharp and triangular as a river pira, gave Shira pause – at least, until the God whispered, “Tonight, however, here beneath the Harvest Moon, I pledge myself to bring a single wish of yours to fruition. By my name,”—a hideous sound like a dying bovid gasping for air—”I bind myself to your will. What is it you will, Child of the Seven Streams? Speak, and may your words be granted truth.”

     Shira breathed out, and the vapor of her breath lingered across the God’s scaly skin, caressing it, like a lover’s embrace. In that instant, Shira knew what she wished – and at the same time, she knew not.

     The God’s lips stretched into a thin smile. “Come now,” the God cooed, “surely there must be a wish in your heart. A desire you will to become reality. Tell me, O Child, and witness your plea materialized.”

     In truth, Shira wished but for one reality: for Yoji to return to her, to love her, to stay by her side forever and never again stray. But tears clawed out of her eyes, along her cheeks, as she remembered – how she had witnessed him together in bed with the woman he had, but hours ago, claimed to be but his sister. Naked. Slithering beneath the covers. Shira let out a shrill breath, fingernails digging beds for her tears.

     “I want him to hurt,” came her whisper. In her twisting heart, she yearned for Yoji’s love more than ever. “I want him to hurt.”

     The God blinked its solid black eyes. Once. Twice. Then a horrifying scream tore through the air.

     Shira blinked – once, to find the God’s grin greeting her. Twice, to find the God’s hair sprawling through the air like a liquid cobweb made of charcoal and ash. The third time, Shira crawled back, and screamed in turn.

     How her mind processed what she saw, Shira did not know. Across the black webbing of the God’s hair, a multitude of bright bits and pieces floated, like pallid lanterns on the Days of Mourning. Bright, pallid bits and pieces, glistening azure and crimson. Water and blood.

     And among them, held aloft right above the God’s head like a tortured crown, was Yoji’s face. His lips wide open in a perpetual scream that sometimes rended the air, sometimes suffocated in a throat he no longer possessed. His wide, bloodshot eyes never left Shira’s sight; even after the God was long gone, its maniacal laughter resounding through the night like madness made sound.

     Day and night, Yoji’s tortured gaze tormented Shira in turn.

     Yoji’s tortured gaze hurt her.

     Yoji’s gaze demanded she die.

     Even in death, Yoji’s gaze ever found hers.



Noct, over and out!




I feel like there is SO MUCH to say, yet I find myself absolutely drained of the will to write it all down.

I also tend to already write everything on Discord or on my Pillowfort, and I don’t like to repeat myself.

So, I figure I’ll keep using this blog mainly as a means to update everyone on what is new with the site, and not specifically with my life.

One thing I will say though: there’s a really good chance I’m autistic… and that would explain so, so much – namely my entire life. Test results on January 14th. Looking forward to it.


So, what is new with the site?

Well, most importantly: at long last, the long-awaited and many-times delayed fifth part of Ario’s story has finally landed. It is way too long, with too little happening, but boy did I enjoy writing it and ohh how you are in for a nasty surprise at the end of it.

We’ve finally hit the Dark part of the Fantasy, and boy oh boy, is it going to hurt – in more ways than one :3;

With the festivities and the sheer length of this part, I decided to give readers a broad voting time, which will end on March 1st. I’ve got a few IRL things to take care of as well in January, so this is frankly not a luxury for me. I need a bit of a break from Ario.

Regarding other stories, I’ve still got quite a few that need edited and polished so I can share some more good stuff with you all. One goal is to have at least one story per main character available. Eventually, we’ll get there.

Also still need to further expand on the Age of Silence page, which still has placeholders <<; ehehehe. I am so slow. So, so slow. But then, half of 2022 was spent with having but one job: surviving :3;


And where are we heading?

Frankly, right now: I don’t know. I have been so overwhelmed these past couple of months that I can’t think much further than January 14th for now.

Ideally, I’d like to finally start self-publishing some books next year. I’m trying to pump myself up by reminding myself they don’t need to be perfect, only the very best I can produce. No pressure, really. :3; XD

But most of all, I just want to start making some strides forward in life. I feel like only now does my life begin, and I’m 42. Got so much time to catch up on.

In the meantime, Plenty still to read here, and if anything new pops up: I’ll let you know 😉

Noct, over and out!




I feel I’ll never be good at making updates for the website, but hey, this needs said: the third installment in Ario’s journey is finally up! And this time it comes with a super handy on-page poll, so you can cast your vote right after reading the story!

You can find the new chapter over here! Handy links to other chapters have been added to every chapter as well, to make it extra easy to catch up on Ario’s journey.

And while I’m here,

What have we been up to?

In between trying to get some writing done: tons of doctor appointments, so it feels, with little to no result for the most part. My ailments have been a daily struggle and source of frustration for over two years now. I couldn’t get a single doctor/expert to hear me when I said: it’s a physical issue!

Well. There’s finally been evolution in that. I saw the endocrinologist and, without much surprise, results came back fine. After some discussion of symptoms though, she prescribed to me metformine to try out – the first medication I’ve ever gotten since my issues began! I was ecstatic to get to try something. And you know what?

It works. The metformine works. Whenever I get told I won’t feel any changes at first, I know I will feel changes quickly. And I did. The day itself, my energy levels shifted. My perception shifted as well. It felt like the red stoplights in my body finally sprung to green, after so long. I can be physically active and not get exhausted within seconds; I now want to move, when before my mind always warned me not to because exhaustion. I can ride our exercise bike again!

But why it works? Who knows. The only ‘diagnosis’, at this point, is: insulin resistance. Which, given our ways of living of the years before… eh, yeah, I can see it. It still doesn’t explain everything, but there may simply be some inner wiring that just isn’t right, plus years of chronic stress/anxiety, and all that reduced my physical defenses to below nothing.

What matterd is: the meds work. I don’t know whether I’ll have to take them for life or this condition can be reversed, but, at this point: I don’t care. I have something that works. I can live again. I just need to give myself a lot of time to recover.


And where are we heading?

Hopefully to getting some things published at last! A Patreon reward overhaul is in debate (with myself, yes <<), I want to start selling stories through Ko-fi’s shop, and then the rest is a matter of sitting down and writing. Which, I must say, was very hard to do during the first week of taking metformine. My body’s adapted well to it now, so sitting here and focusing should, I hope, be made easier.

Yes I still plan to revive Did You Know one day. I loved that, and it was a fun way to explore Aeyuu through small tidbits. Health (and energy!) willing, the second half of 2022 will be awesome. Stay tuned!

Noct, over and out!




There is not much I want to say right now except that ARIO’S STORY PART 2 IS UP UP UP!

So go read read read 😀 (or check out part 1 to get up to speed or just refresh your memory)

Ario’s story part 2 – The cloaked traveler

Yes this is all. I’m sorry. I suck at updates on this site. XD but! We’re still active and creatin’, and whenever something new pops up, I’ll make sure to let you know through a journal. For now, enjoy!

Please leave comments with your votes on this journal here so I can tally them up at the end of the month! The deadline for voting is set to May 1st.

Noct, over and out!




A quick update to announce the reboot of a story!

so What are we up to?

A while back, might’ve been years, I’d written up the first part of a story I intended to have people vote on to decide what happens next. Wanted to experiment a bit. Also wanted to try that whole social media ‘vote with emoji!’ thing… and I wholly miscalculated how not well that would go. People on social media only like to vote for clear, short things. Who knew!

Anyway, I’d discontinued this story entirely, and by some fluke of the universe, I ended up reading it over again a week or so ago and wondering why I’d discontinued it to begin with. Okay sure, I know why – but, really, why? The story was decent, Ario funny (this doesn’t happen often enough with my characters), and the global idea a nice little delve into the least known side of my world. 

So, I decided to just go for funs and rewrite the story. And now I’m looking for votes as to what happens next. 😀

You can read this story right here!

This first part is fairly long, the next ones should be far shorter (I dearly hope). Total of eight or so parts if I recall correctly. All plotted out.

So if you like sea travel, a funny yet wounded MC, empathetic abilities, and just discovering new worlds, please give this a read and help me decide which way to go next. Deadline is set to March 1st. Leave a comment with your vote!

Noct, over and out!




If there is one thing that is consistent about me, it’s my inconsistency. I am, after all, a chaotic, emotion-driven introvert who thrives on cold, hard logic. Sometimes one side wins, sometimes the other, and when both decide to collide, we enter unstable territory known only as ‘holy shit what is wrong with me!?’

You can always be certain though that, eventually, I’ll drop social media of any kind to crawl back into my shell. That’s generally when I know I’m neither feeling nor being okay.


What have we been up to?

My good people. So much has been going on since last post, August 10th, that I don’t know where to begin. So I’ll just start at the most prominent life updates.

Health-wise, life has been crap for most of these past four months. And I mean the sort of crap that sometimes literally asphyxiates you and makes you want to stop breathing long enough to actually be able to rest. Since the burnout over two years ago now (time sure does fly), rest has been a precious commodity, but I’d been doing better since the depression went away. When the covid lockdown happened March 2020, I discovered just how not okay I really was. Stress hit with such force that, to this day, I still can’t get rid of it no matter what I do. And this lack of rest had been piling piling piling until I reached a point, over a month ago now, that my life quality had dropped to about nothing. I couldn’t fall asleep, I couldn’t stay asleep, I didn’t rest when I slept, and I woke up every morning as though I’d been awake all night. It was becoming unlivable. I was not getting any help from my doctor, either. To be fair, I think he’s simply lost as to my symptoms and believes it’s all in my head, but, in the meantime, I was suffering.

Well, help came from a strange corner of the internet, namely Pillowfort. Quiet little social media where you can have real, often deep discussions. I happened to start one with someone knowledgeable on personality disorders, and I must note: I did so as writing research. Psychology fascinates me. I did however not expect to get indirectly pointed out I’d more than certainly suffered from a (severe?) anxiety disorder as a teen. When I researched the symptoms of long-term chronic anxiety, lo and behold: all my symptoms fit. Like literally fit. Even the little tricks I started doing to get anxiety down at night, like breathing exercises and watching something relaxing, worked to a degree that I can only call miraculous. The next night, I still struggled to fall asleep and stay asleep… and yet I woke up quite refreshed. After two weeks of constant exhaustion. Logic had demanded I wake up exhausted again, but such was not the case. I was, honestly, flabbergasted. And ecstatic. Finally, finally, these health issues started to make a global sort of sense.

I’m more than convinced that long-term chronic anxiety is one major cause of my health issues. Today, namely, I needed to drive to the store. I felt able enough… until I started backing the car out of our spot – until my brain started having to pay attention to multiple aspects at once and started flipping out. At the store itself, all went okay until I tried thinking of what else I needed… and my brain started flipping again. That’s when I went home. I’ve been shaking since then, a few hours ago now. There’s no reason for me to feel anxious, but I am anxious. And that’s where the second half of my issues, I think, comes in:

Physical stress. Something indeed in my head, my brain, sending out all the wrong signals as to how to handle stress. I believe, without certainty, that this may have started when the depression went away. My brain literally grew up on depression and anxiety (and its attached stress). It doesn’t know how else to function. Thus, with the depression gone, the stress has free reign. It’s one theory, that I’ve tried to run by my doctor, but I think he believes it’s all in my head – mentally. The whole stress symptom/cause? has been completely ignored by every doctor I’ve met. I can’t get anyone to acknowledge the fact my heartrate jumpts to 130 at a little physical effort, causing exhaustion to set in almost immediately. My shoulder is still hurting from working on a divider over a week ago now. There are days I feel like my body’s dying and no one cares. Well, I care. I also think anxiety has me imagining the worst. But, it’s a fact my shoulder’s badly worn down and my back’s basically a fused mess now. The rest of me works fine.

So, I feel a little lost, and at the same time I know I’m not gonna give up, and if there’s anything I have learnt the now very hard way, it’s that my life and beliefs have value and I will never let anyone trample on what I feel is best for me ever again. My personality has evolved too much to return to that silent suffering. Even if it means dropping off society eventually, but then a part of my mind retains the hope of working again someday. It’s just gonna take a lot of time, and a help I am currently not getting.


But all is not dark!

Indeed it isn’t. With the daily, recurring anxiety lifting, and my sleep improving, so have my memory and thought processes improved. I can write again as I used to, or almost as I used to, am again able to remember scenes and character/tale history and tie my sentences and paragraphs together. Yes, all that was basically lost. It came back overnight. If this doesn’t help me believe that my stress issues can be fixed, then nothing will.

So I have been working on a few things, my main loves at the moment being Devon and Sorasiehn’s story, and Fates. Reading things over now that I wrote during the height of my exhaustion, I so often shudder at the horror… and, at the same time, feel pride and joy that I can improve upon the base ideas. I am not doing better by a longshot, but feeling better has already made a world of difference. If I can write, I can live. And I need to live. I can’t keep wasting time.



And where are we heading?

My intention had been to finish Fates’ part 1 before my birthday end of November, but I failed due to health’s decline. Still, I am very proud I managed to work on it again, diligently, and I intend to rework the new chapters into a newly revised edition that will have some character fixes (thank you Goddess of Gales for pointing out a major issue). I started a whole new file to distance myself from all that came before. The intent now is to finish the first part before… let’s be realistic… April 1st. Let’s say April 1st. The day the husband started his dreamjob several years ago, and I my Patreon. Perfect.

I’d also like to edit and polish Selessannea’s story, which I intend to self-publish as an actual book. I expect nothing really from it, especially without professional editing, but the point is to get something out and findable. At this point, I can’t keep being afraid of getting known, of people hating my story, or characters, or me, or criticizing… I want to think of the people who’ll find the book, love it, and want to support me if only in words. I really need more of that. 

And lastly, I’d like to further rework Devon and Sorasiehn’s story and make it something worth reading (maybe as a book too? Not sure). I love those characters. And they, like Selessannea, are a good introduction to the world of Aeyuu and its biggest threat, which will be one of the main foci of The Age of Silence. I have not given up on that book. As a sidequest, I’d like to get one chapter written next year.

Lots of things to look forward to. Regular updates? Ehhhh sorry, not gonna promise that. XD

Noct, over and out!




I’m probably making myself  procrastinate just for the sake of procrastinating by writing this blog post. But then, sometimes, you just need to get the thoughts out of your head in order to move forward again.


What have we been up to?

Since last time? Still pedaling on the figurative homebike – as in, getting nowhere at all. Diagnostic-wise, at the least.

When it comes to health, it has kept fluctuating, refusing to stabilize for longer than a week, and not a single doctor has actually listened to my symptoms – and I mean, listened intently. Or someone would have started putting two and two together, as I have.

They do say Google is a bad counsel for medical issues, but then it’s also a source of information when you know how to use it. I’ve thus been Googling symptoms now and again, upon inspiration – just to see if putting them together yielded any sort of result at all. Well, I’ve been pinpointing a very plausible issue based solely on the most prominent and sometimes weird symptoms – like feeling exhausted at waking, throughout the day, and miraculously starting to wake up at night. Then there’s the stress issues, my sensitivity to small-screen light (think phone or Switch), hormonal imbalance, low blood pressure… 

It’s becoming more and more safe to assume I have an adrenal dysfunction. What sort, I’m not sure, even though low cortisol issues sounds most likely from the info I’ve garnered. Too many symptoms fit. So I’ll be discussing this hypothesis with my doctor when I see him end of August.

My guess would be that seeing an endicronologist would be the next step (especially as I never saw one in my fourty years of life, despite some other symptoms that point towards hormonal imbalance… but I just didn’t know nor realize). 

In the meantime, I balance things out with two vitamins B a day and a blend of adaptogen herbs that have been miraculous for my brain power. I also discovered that the type of screen I use close to bedtime makes the difference between next day’s brain fog or clarity – although I’m more tempted to say that my brain can no longer cope with multitasking. When I drive, I’m focussed on one aspect of driving and can easily neglect the rest (like checking for people crossing – I know); when husband talks to me while the tv’s on, my brain fries and I have to shut either one up; and when I play on the Switch while watching/listening to series, I likely put way more stress on my brain than I realize.

So, it’s safe to say something’s up with my brain power/chemistry. I dearly hope my doctor will think the same way.


But all is not dark!

It never is. Since taking the adaptogen plant supplement, I’ve been able to write again. I’ve been working on several projects, finishing things here and there, most notably the story Fragments of Selessannea’s memories! Which I intend to self-pub in the near-ish future, hopefully still 2021, but at this time it depends on my alpha readers having time to help out.

I’ve also been drawing a bit again, completing a trade with my good friend Athena of her character Morana.

And where are we heading?

The sky is the limit, as they say! For now, I’ll keep working on two main projects, Devon and Sorasiehn’s story, and Fates.

And yes I still plan to revive Did You Know, but shh, getting there slowly.

Noct, over and out!



Greetings one and all!

And welcome to this first, official blog post on the Tales from Aeyuu website. It will be as much a test of layout and design, as it will be an actual contentirific-ish blog entry. Still fairly new to self-hosting and working with BoldGrid, but I never stop learning!


What have we been up to?

Mainly suffering from chronic fatigue – undiagnosed, for now, but we have all the symptoms of it. So my days are either energetic enough so that I can get things done (like today), or I’m a blank and even doing simple things I love (like gaming) is a struggle.

In fact, my feeling blank and at the end of my rope is exactly why I wanted to set up this journal:

I need my own space to vent.

Medium isn’t the right place at all, Facebook works but then I get down from no one talking to me or being encouraging, and I have no other journal anymore. And, sometimes, you just want to vent into the void, just to get the words and the pain and the anger out of your system. Here, I want no one to respond, and expect no one to see. But it’ll exist, for me, and yeah for anyone stumbling onto it (especially if I share it on Facebook).

But first and foremost, it’ll be MY place, my own, personal writing spot, tied to no social media, no other site, but my own. And that, in itself, blows my own mind.


But all is not dark!

In fact, I just got myself started on a brand new, related-to-nothing story that’ll be dark, disturbing, and gory. Because that’s what you write when you don’t feel well. Yes I do have a snippet handy! That I just made specially for this blog post!

Isn’t this fabulous? Well, I know Orion is as well, but unfortunately you won’t be seeing the rest of that story right here and now. The impatient can find me on Patreon and sign up to get this, and more, for just €1 a month. Yep, you read that right. And yes, I need to plug this thing here and there. how else will my chronically fatigued self make a living?


And where are we heading?

Well, back to Word for now, because Orion is calling. In general? I’m not sure, but we’re still hoping for great things.

Keep an eye out on this blog for new updates, the return of the Did You Know feature, and whatever else I feel like sharing.

Noct, over and out!