IMPORTANT UPDATE: will soon move!

You're reading that right: soon, I'll be moving the domain over to Dreamhost, where I'm in the process of building a completely new website. It'll look slicker, more professional, and there I'll be able to build as I now intend: Like a huge encyclopedia wherein to explore. After all, the Tales are such that... Continue Reading →

Did You Know? Gods & Goddesses

The cool thing with this series is that I get to write these completely out of chronology. The Faeries post that'll eventually get posted? I already wrote part of it. But it's while writing it that I realized some more background information was needed to fully comprehend it. And one of that required background information... Continue Reading →

Did You Know?

Methinks I'm trying to procrastinate right now, but as long as it gets me writing, I'm not going to complain. XD For a while now, I've been wanting to find some idea, some topic I could make actual posts with here. Now that my health's stabilizing and my brain is regaining its strength (thank you... Continue Reading →

This is my life

I have an accumulation pattern. What this means, basically, is that I accumulate events and emotions and all the positive and negative, kind of like a sponge, until I'm so filled up that I can't perform my function anymore. It's been weeks since last I wrote anything. A couple of minutes ago, I realized I've... Continue Reading →

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