Greetings one and all!

And welcome to this first, official blog post on the Tales from Aeyuu website. It will be as much a test of layout and design, as it will be an actual contentirific-ish blog entry. Still fairly new to self-hosting and working with BoldGrid, but I never stop learning!


What have we been up to?

Mainly suffering from chronic fatigue – undiagnosed, for now, but we have all the symptoms of it. So my days are either energetic enough so that I can get things done (like today), or I’m a blank and even doing simple things I love (like gaming) is a struggle.

In fact, my feeling blank and at the end of my rope is exactly why I wanted to set up this journal:

I need my own space to vent.

Medium isn’t the right place at all, Facebook works but then I get down from no one talking to me or being encouraging, and I have no other journal anymore. And, sometimes, you just want to vent into the void, just to get the words and the pain and the anger out of your system. Here, I want no one to respond, and expect no one to see. But it’ll exist, for me, and yeah for anyone stumbling onto it (especially if I share it on Facebook).

But first and foremost, it’ll be MY place, my own, personal writing spot, tied to no social media, no other site, but my own. And that, in itself, blows my own mind.


But all is not dark!

In fact, I just got myself started on a brand new, related-to-nothing story that’ll be dark, disturbing, and gory. Because that’s what you write when you don’t feel well. Yes I do have a snippet handy! That I just made specially for this blog post!

Isn’t this fabulous? Well, I know Orion is as well, but unfortunately you won’t be seeing the rest of that story right here and now. The impatient can find me on Patreon and sign up to get this, and more, for just €1 a month. Yep, you read that right. And yes, I need to plug this thing here and there. how else will my chronically fatigued self make a living?


And where are we heading?

Well, back to Word for now, because Orion is calling. In general? I’m not sure, but we’re still hoping for great things.

Keep an eye out on this blog for new updates, the return of the Did You Know feature, and whatever else I feel like sharing.

Noct, over and out!