A I keep forgetting this is my very own website and blog and that I can use it absolutely positively exactly however I see fit.

Therefore, I decided I would share a little vignette that doesn’t fit the spirit of the website, but that I want to share anyway because Devon.



Vignette: The Desert of Malmern

Inspired by my playing Mobile Legends Adventure and this Mirage’s character ending up in a desert. Yep, that’s all it took for my brain to run in a completely different reaction with it.



     Devon had not expected the desert to feel so different during the day.

     Where last the sands had been tranquil and unbearably cold, now they lashed out at him, lacerated his face while the blinding sun overhead scorched his skin through his vestments. Sweat poured along his spine and his chest. His clothes, lukewarm and moist, drenched his body as though in a vat of saliva.

     The thought made his nerves crawl. He didn’t want to imagine what creature existed that would be large enough to swallow him whole; and yet, with swirls of sand shrouding the vast expanse of the desert from his eyes, Devon could but dread what horrors might be able to withstand deadly heat.

     He swallowed, saliva raking down his parched throat. At the very least, one thing was certain: no vampire would survive unprepared travel through such a hostile environment. In fact, even prepared, a journey without defined destination would be purely suicidal.

     Devon clicked his tongue. He raised his hand to shield his eyes, lifting his gaze as high as he could without boiling his sight away. Sand sliced his cheeks and his throat, winds howling at his ears. With every beat of his heart, he considered the crunch of sand beneath his boots, the wild flapping of his cloak as he tried to keep his hood steady. He flinched when a grain of sand struck the corner of his eye, immediately doubling over to scrub it away. More sand brushed into his eye. A growl rumbled in his throat.

     With heavy footsteps, his cloak wrapped tight around himself, Devon headed back towards civilization.



Noct, over and out!



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