A quick update to announce the reboot of a story!

so What are we up to?

A while back, might’ve been years, I’d written up the first part of a story I intended to have people vote on to decide what happens next. Wanted to experiment a bit. Also wanted to try that whole social media ‘vote with emoji!’ thing… and I wholly miscalculated how not well that would go. People on social media only like to vote for clear, short things. Who knew!

Anyway, I’d discontinued this story entirely, and by some fluke of the universe, I ended up reading it over again a week or so ago and wondering why I’d discontinued it to begin with. Okay sure, I know why – but, really, why? The story was decent, Ario funny (this doesn’t happen often enough with my characters), and the global idea a nice little delve into the least known side of my world. 

So, I decided to just go for funs and rewrite the story. And now I’m looking for votes as to what happens next. 😀

You can read this story right here!

This first part is fairly long, the next ones should be far shorter (I dearly hope). Total of eight or so parts if I recall correctly. All plotted out.

So if you like sea travel, a funny yet wounded MC, empathetic abilities, and just discovering new worlds, please give this a read and help me decide which way to go next. Deadline is set to March 1st. Leave a comment with your vote!

Noct, over and out!