Welcome to the World of Aeyuu

Aeyuu is a vast and dangerous place – a world of Dark Fantasy, where Vampires, Wyr (werewolves), Elves, Humans and stranger creatures still struggle to survive. The Tales from Aeyuu follow several main characters as they go about their lives, exploring their surroundings, dealing with danger and love. Each character reveals a unique aspect of this world that has existed for well over 30,000 years, through their own eyes. Fauna, flora, culture and myth – each story is as a puzzle piece that builds a greater whole.

The Tales from Aeyuu exist to tie all these pieces together, and weave a massive web that will eventually lead to the writing of the Ultimate Tale:

The Age of Silence

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The Age of Silence will follow the young Syrilae girl Aneskia in her quest to right a terrible wrong that has befallen her home. On her way she will meet unlikely friends and lethal enemies, while her very existence unravels with seemingly every step she takes.

With madness closing in and threats revealing themselves to her new-gained senses, will Aneskia find a way to mend what has been broken? Will she rise beyond herself and find the strength to oppose the growing darkness? And who, among all foreign faces she will meet, will side with her when the time comes to make the hard decisions?

Chapter 07

Tales from Aeyuu

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Larger stories will become available on Patreon as I write/edit older stories, and chapters will be made available whenever possible.

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Legendary goddesses
Art by CloGren