Aeyin knew. Though She did not understand her Sister’s distress, She acknowledged her madness. Zyud was going to annihilate all Life. Aeyin had no choice.


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From ‘The Choice’

“I know what you want,” Ine said, “what you truly desire. You want to keep him safe. I think you… care.”

“Preposterous,” Idora finally replied, a frown crinkling her face. “Necromants do not care. I do not care.”

From ‘Aneskia’s Life’

“The Ansai bloodline thrives on the most infertile of soils,” Seliana said, stretching out her arms to emphasize her point. “It is why, despite Selessannea’s taint, it survived and passed on to Kassandra, the firstborn. But the child onto which it was passed…”



AEYUU, world of sorrows and fleeting joys

Once a water planet, Aeyuu evolved into a thriving world once its first and only continent came into being. Here, the divinities of Life, Aeyin, and Death, Zyud, co-existed for ages until Zyud grew mad and was slain by her Sister. After a long, cold age, the people who remained awoke and began to build their broken world anew. 

30,000 years down the line, Aeyuu became a place of beauty and of strife, ever-treacherous, and home of magics that now threaten the very integrity of Life Herself.


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The Goddesses by @Tuntalm

@Coffee House

@Coffee House


The people that drive Aeyuu toward

Many feet have tread upon the lands, many of whom vanished without a seeming trace, only to be forgotten by the vagrancies of History.

But there are some whose lives have shaped the very future of the lands upon which they fought, laughed, and witnessed the true darkness of the world at large. Whether Vampire offering kindness, Syrilae causing bloodshed, or creatures of an uncertain nature lurking in the Black recesses of the world, all have left their mark. Their Tales, however, remain to be revealed…

To Aeyuu’s World-changers

And while Aeyuu evolved and grew and its populations lived their own lives, many stories were written with blood and tears.

Here they lie, waiting, hoping, for someone to dare venture forth into the dark…

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But Aeyuu is yet more…

For it is a beautiful world, pulsing with Life as surely as it beats to Death’s heart. Secrets and mysteries and darkness burn as brightly as its two moons, which sometimes reveal as much as they hide.

The vast majority of Tales occur on the continent of Aun, which will also be the area most elaborated on. Aun is a vibrant place, both treacherous and stunning, and this duality often shows in the very nature of its inhabitants, of the fauna and flora and myths that have perdured throughout time.

There is much to be found in Aeyuu, and yet more that remains to be uncovered.

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