What is “The Age of SIlence”?


The Age of Silence is a prophecy, one awaited by Necromancers for eons, a new era of life without Life that will bring about unending peace to a heart-torn, chaotic world. It is a promise of equity and equality and the end of suffering. It is an end without new beginnings. An eternal Silence.

And it is Now, with the advent of a new power born from Life, Death, and the Necrolore, that the Age of Silence is drawing near. Power is met by Power; entities of Life are destroyed, while Humans turn to sport and gain the hunt of magic. Ilvin, Elshir, Ilak’ri, Syrilae… No one is spared.

Even Death, whose disappearance a few centuries ago set another of his kind on a quest for the most elusive of treasure: the very surival of the world.

In time, Life, Death, and the Necrolore will meet and clash, with but one question ultimately left in suspense:



The Age of Silence is a novel-sized Tale, yet to be written, that became the true starting point for the creation of Aeyuu itself. But then, how did Aeyuu came to be?

From roleplay to real world

From ’99 to about 2006-ish, I was an active chat roleplayer with a friend made online. This meant a lot of random ideas, of things fluctuating, and of course of fun – and, for me, of learning the english language. 

And as all things tend to go, the friendship turned sour for reasons never really understood, until the day came I decided enough was enough. I had two choices then: either let the world die, as the friend had already moved on; or take all of my characters, tear the foundations, and start anew. Naturally, there was no way I’d let all of these characters, who I affectionately call ‘headpeople’ (and yes they do talk to me), basically die.

So I gave the world a new name, new foundations, erased characters not mine and replaced them with my own, and basically started back at the beginning of all things while keeping things here and there that already made sense.

The evolution of lore

And one thing that had burgeoned at the end of the roleplay era was a Necrolore-related plot on my side of things, which I began to expand upon once the world was all my own. By then, all things necromancy had already taken a greater place in my thoughts and my interests, so it only made sense to me to start writing a novel related to this growing plot.

As things tend to go, this novel idea made me discover more about the characters and their lives, forced me to figure out the world and how it worked, and so since 2011 I have been writing character tales, related stories, worldbuilding, with the goal of one day being ready to write

The Age of Silence

Although this novel has taken a backseat to the myriad of Tales that Aeyuu has to offer, it is forever on my mind, and forever the driving core of my writing. Every Tale written not only enhances my skills, but also allows me to take steps toward comprehending Aeyuu well enough to start work on this elusive novel.



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