I feel I’ll never be good at making updates for the website, but hey, this needs said: the third installment in Ario’s journey is finally up! And this time it comes with a super handy on-page poll, so you can cast your vote right after reading the story!

You can find the new chapter over here! Handy links to other chapters have been added to every chapter as well, to make it extra easy to catch up on Ario’s journey.

And while I’m here,

What have we been up to?

In between trying to get some writing done: tons of doctor appointments, so it feels, with little to no result for the most part. My ailments have been a daily struggle and source of frustration for over two years now. I couldn’t get a single doctor/expert to hear me when I said: it’s a physical issue!

Well. There’s finally been evolution in that. I saw the endocrinologist and, without much surprise, results came back fine. After some discussion of symptoms though, she prescribed to me metformine to try out – the first medication I’ve ever gotten since my issues began! I was ecstatic to get to try something. And you know what?

It works. The metformine works. Whenever I get told I won’t feel any changes at first, I know I will feel changes quickly. And I did. The day itself, my energy levels shifted. My perception shifted as well. It felt like the red stoplights in my body finally sprung to green, after so long. I can be physically active and not get exhausted within seconds; I now want to move, when before my mind always warned me not to because exhaustion. I can ride our exercise bike again!

But why it works? Who knows. The only ‘diagnosis’, at this point, is: insulin resistance. Which, given our ways of living of the years before… eh, yeah, I can see it. It still doesn’t explain everything, but there may simply be some inner wiring that just isn’t right, plus years of chronic stress/anxiety, and all that reduced my physical defenses to below nothing.

What matterd is: the meds work. I don’t know whether I’ll have to take them for life or this condition can be reversed, but, at this point: I don’t care. I have something that works. I can live again. I just need to give myself a lot of time to recover.


And where are we heading?

Hopefully to getting some things published at last! A Patreon reward overhaul is in debate (with myself, yes <<), I want to start selling stories through Ko-fi’s shop, and then the rest is a matter of sitting down and writing. Which, I must say, was very hard to do during the first week of taking metformine. My body’s adapted well to it now, so sitting here and focusing should, I hope, be made easier.

Yes I still plan to revive Did You Know one day. I loved that, and it was a fun way to explore Aeyuu through small tidbits. Health (and energy!) willing, the second half of 2022 will be awesome. Stay tuned!

Noct, over and out!