Syrilae youth in search of answers

One choice; one single choice is all it took for Aneskia to set her life onto a path of slow, unwitting destruction.


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Who even knows what he is

Born to a mother who had been itching for years to kill him, Kooga has known nothing but suffering and hate for his entire, short life. A life he wishes he’d never been given.


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Cannibal sweetheart

Ine has long forgotten her real name, but a storyteller needs a name to call her creations by, especially such a unique creature as this kind-hearted, love-loving Denumbra.


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Hate-filled Vampire bitch

For as long as Kassandra has lived, and she has lived for a few centuries, all that she has known is the pure ecstasy of power and blood. Death was her middle name (but not really), and her eyes, of an unnatural pink hue, an open threat.


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Elshir ex-warrior, now-wanderer

Nalyn has always known war. From surviving on the cutthroat streets of Gilfen to being forcefully enrolled into the Elshir army, Nalyn never really knew a moment’s peace – peace being a notion foreign to him to begin with.


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Streetsmart bookvamp

A man far older than his looks might concede, Devon has learned in time that the world is made out of suffering and death. The few women he cared about died in horrible ways. His heart one day broke, and never mended.


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He matters from a distance

Kristofa is one of those inconspicuous people who, one day, through consequential decisions, twist their life into the tapestry of History.


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Necrolorian anomaly

Idora died when her master’s home was invaded by his former experiments. Her skull was crushed between a wall and a war hammer, her master’s home burned to the ground. Both of them rose again – he as a Necromancer, she as his Necromant.


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She dead, but she matter

There are Syrilae who whisper amongst themselves that Ansai Sorasiehn single-handedly ruined the Ansai lineage. After all, she is the one who gave birth to Nefahtil, a woman hated over her own hatred.


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