kind-hearted beast, killer of necromancers

age: around 2.000 years old

race: Vampire

Turned Vampire under traumatizing circumstances which he will never remember, Devon has since then struggled to retain what was left of his humanity while making the best possible use of what he calls his ‘disease’.

Befriending Sorasiehn after trying to kill her was, he would say, what kept him from sinking at the most crucial of times: being a newborn Vampire. Through her – or, rather, through caring for her – Devon managed to learn to control his power, while remembering how it feels to be Human.

Her untimely death by necromancy broke him. But instead of seeking vengeance, he returned to the Syrilae home to take care of Sorasiehn’s daughter, Nefahtil. In time, it was her daughter, Selessannea, whom he cared for – deeply, perhaps too deeply.

And when Selessannea chose a necromancer as her lover, revulsion and jealousy twisted his Vampiric instincts into violence. Yet, when he saw how deep her own affections for the necromancer ran, Devon stayed by her side. Kassandra’s birth almost claimed Selessannea’s life. Cassidy’s ended it.

Grief-stricken, Devon went into a frenzy that ended in the necromancer’s death. He then looked after Selessanea’s children for about a decade, to lose one to suicide, and the other to murder. His heart broke, irreparable.

Since then, Devon has wandered and purposefully sought out necromancers, ignoring the risks. After all, what does he have left to lose?

Available Tales

Cassidy’s death

Selessannea’s wish


“I swear to kill every necromancer I ever encounter! They took everything away from me, Selessannea! Everything! You were all I had left!





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