the Denumbra that doesn’t want to kill

age: far older than she looks – try 30.000-so years

race: Denumbra

When looking at her, if you ignore the horns naturally, it would be hard to tell that Ine is anything but a young, naive, adorable young girl. And she is – adorable, that is. And one of the kindest people you will ever met on her side of Aeyuu.

But Ine is also one of the most dangerous creatures on the face of the world: a Denumbra. Or, as the Grey Ones would call her and her kin: a Child of the Dead Goddess.

Little does she care what she is called however, or what she is viewed as – and, in her case, lies lie in the eyes of the beholder, for Ine feeds on desire. All who encounter her see but what they wish to see. When desire burns too strong, Ine gives into her pulsions. No one ever remains to tell the tale of the shapeshifting girl.

No one remains to scold her for her weakness, either.

Ine’s personality shifted a few centuries ago, when her brother Zool – the Grim Reaper, or Death, as Humans called him – suddenly disappeared. Joviality turned to concern, kindness to a cold determination. She sensed the world fracturing in his absence, a little more with each passing breath.

And she is the only one who cares. The only one who would seek the world’s survival over its destruction.

So Ine set off to find her missing brother… but not at any cost.

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“You’d kill someone you don’t know for others you don’t know, because you think it’s right, but you wouldn’t kill someone you know for that same reason, because then it’s not right at all. But it’s not any different. And it’s not right, either way.”




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