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Though this website was built for Dark Fantasy lovers to explore and enjoy the world of Aeyuu, this writer here understands that, sometimes, you just want the good stuff presented on a platter.

Therefore, I decided to create a page that compiles every single Tale to be found on the site, along with each one’s location, so you may still discover more information related to a Tale when you’re done reading.

Please enjoy your stay and the Tales within!


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Wild Countryish

Interior decorator Laura Handel experienced some amazing growth from her Etsy store and went solo after some of her fun-loving country cottage designs went viral, but felt she could still do better. We teamed her up with crafty copywriter guru Cat M. to boost her market visibility and after two years, her craft business is a Fortune 1000 company.

App Theatre 2K

Sci-fi fan and mobile app developer Jeff Macki had run a variety of startup companies before, but never really found the kind of market exposure that he needed. Wanting to do things differently with his app development company, he hired B2B tech copywriter John B. to create ad copy that put him in high demand from a one-man show to a 20-developer team within two years.

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