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Though this website was built for Dark Fantasy lovers to explore and enjoy the world of Aeyuu, this writer here understands that, sometimes, you just want the good stuff presented on a platter.

Therefore, I decided to create a page that compiles every single Tale to be found on the site, along with each one’s location, so you may still discover more information related to a Tale when you’re done reading.

Please enjoy your stay and the Tales within!

Ario’s story, part 7

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A Tale-in-the-works that you decide the flow of! Ario, Yosen scientist, embarks on the trip of a lifetime across the seas of Rao. Voting times will be announced in the blog, so keep an eye on it!

Characters: Ario

Timestamp: thousands of years before Present Time

A moment of quiet respite

An intimate Tale between a boy torn by the dissonant powers within and his caretaker. To live, is to hurt; but how much more painful is life when death cannot be an option?

Characters: Idora, Kooga

Timestamp: about a year before Present Time

Aeyuu’s origins

A fancy Tale retelling the events of the beginning of time, such as no race remembers it. Technically a Tale that shouldn’t exist, but shh.

Timestamp: about 30.000 years before Present Time

As charged

A  Tale  as slow as the beating of Idora’s heart, that follows her recovery after a terrible ordeal. Here, in this town reached as per her Master’s orders, she becomes faced with buried truths.

Characters: Idora

Timestamp: several months at least after Present Time


A short, bittersweet Tale that introduces Mir, a Wyr who took under her paws a young human child. Little did she know what fate would befall them…

Characters: Mir

Timestamp: about 2000 years before Present Time, 

Cassidy’s death

Trigger warning for: suicide

A heart-breaking Tale retelling the day that Devon lost one of his charges, a child he’d viewed as his own, to a terrible decision. This moment pursued him forever.

Characters: Devon

Timestamp: about 500 years before Present Time

From ‘Aneskia’s Life’ – chapter 17

A Tale fragment that shows a crucial moment in Aneskia’s life, that eventually would lead to a decision with unthinkable ramifications.  A story about love.

Characters: Aneskia, Seliana

Timestamp: a few years before Present Time

Selessannea’s wish

An introductory Tale to Fragments of Selessanneea’s memories, which follows her last day on Aeyuu. She bequeaths her will unto her father-in-spirit, hoping he will be responsive to her plea to end hatred.

Characters:  Selessannea, Devon

Timestamp: about 600 years before Present Time

The human beast

A poignant Tale that relates the first encounter between Devon and Sorasiehn. He, a newborn vampire, and she, a hard-shelled warrior, face off in a life or death battle that stirs more than instincts alone…

Characters: Devon, Sorasiehn

Timestamp: about 2000 years before Present Time

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