Something something we added a new story to the website 😀


New Story: Belonging

This was actually written a few years ago, when I tried to figure out Devon’s human life. Naturally, one short story became several and ultimately I’d figured out everything of import that had happened to him then, including a rewrite of how he met Sorasiehn (it was badly needed). Their story is actually what I was working through earlier, as I’ve been missing this dysfunctional pair so much, until I realized I needed to finish Devon’s youth story before I could move on to grasping their dynamics better.

And so I edited out the first, shall we say, vignette in a series. Which is a start. And also a story I’ve been meaning to upload on the site for so long, but then I never did. This is now corrected.

Belonging, which you can read over here, starts at a turning point for Devon’s future life… And that is all she wrote. :3

(no seriously, I don’t wanna spoil it. XD)

Please enjoy!

Noct, over and out!