A heart filled with regret and conviction

age: around 600 years old

race: Syrilae

When Kristofa was still a young child, his village’s Ansai, Nefahtil, decreed all foreigners banned and forced all of them to leave. Kristofa’s mother, the Elf Martha, was among them – as well as his Syrilae father, Giounai. Left in the care of a family friend, Kristofa grew up with a certain resentment for their village’s leader.

He also grew up alongside Niskania, a Syrilae girl about a hundred years older, and their friendship was such that Kristofa’s resentment at losing his parents waned in the presence of this introverted, distant girl.

As young adults, their lives changed. Niskania’s powers became volatile and rendered her unstable. Kristofa tried as best he could to stay by her side, as a friend; and he would’ve fancied being more, did a stranger not get to her heart first.

He watched on with regret and resentment, as not only a child was born of this union, but Niskania’s heart cracked into hate when her Elven lover died. Unsure what his place was anymore, Kristofa watched the girls from afar and, in time, took Niskania’s daughter, Aneskia, somewhat under his wing.

it is this very trust that, one day, Kristofa abused for the greater good of the Syrilae. And with Niskania dying in the wake of his decisions, Kristofa did the only thing he could do:


But his decisions are fated to come back and bite him one day – perhaps even literally. For no one plays with undeath and comes out unscathed.

Available Tales


…one day


“Niskania dreamt of power, of something born from a child. Something the Aberviohn won’t be able to handle. What is this power, Nefahtil? What’s about to happen?





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