The conflict of duty vs desire

age:  was around 800 years old (deceased)

race: Syrilae

The hatred began when she watched her mother die at Humans’ hands. At her death, Sorasiehn’s Ansai powers exploded to life, and she murdered every Human present in her vengeful wake.

Yet, paradoxically, Sorasiehn yearned to uphold the values of justice her mother had imparted upon her. So, resentfully, she set about bringing justice to Human criminals in her own, bloody ways.

Ways that changed when, one day, she was assaulted by a Hungered Vampire… and decided to spare his life.

The Vampire, Devon, took to her like a mosquito to blood. Ever-present – ever-talking – Devon was to her what children were to mothers: obnoxious, whiny, helpless little things best discarded. Yet, try as she might, she never succeeded in shaking him off.

And for years they traveled together in unwanted companionship, Devon often a source of danger if but through his newborn ineptitude. He was as a child, rash and brazen – as she had been, once upon a lifetime. And yet, she could not kill him.

Years turned to decades turned to centuries, their rocky friendship becoming one of mutual trust and understanding. She watched him care about, and denied his care; yet she could not deny its impact. Devon was the only person she cared for. Not even her own child, Nefahtil, would rouse her hardened heart.

But even great warriors make mistakes. Hers was to pursue what should not be pursued: the Grey Ones – the Necromancers. A curse would ultimately claim her life, ending it in the arms of the only person she ever truly cared about.

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The human beast

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“I just don’t like those Humans, malia. They hurt each other, and for what? Those little metal circles? So they can pay for their right to live? They disgust me.




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