Hatred incarnate

age: about 500 years old

race: figurative cockroach

Kassandra is the poster girl for the character who refuses to die, even when dead.

Born Human centuries ago, she was turned Vampire as a young adult. Already an unruly, spiteful child, she became a vicious murderer who thrived on her favorite kill: children.

For Kassandra never could stand children’s happiness. Happy families churned her stomach and drove her into frenzies that would only stop long after she’d killed, and fed, and lost track of what it was that hurt her heart so.

Hatred. Suffering. At their core, an ungraspable memory born of an unquenchable sentiment of loss that demands she lashes out at the world and watch it bleed.

Her hatred only grew stronger when her son Kooga was born; a birth that killed her, and took from her a power she’d only just obtained. The Black power to rule the world. A power that, once revived, she yearned to recover by any means necesary.

But fear stayed her hand – fear of the thing lurking in her newborn son, and of the Necromancer that would breathe down her neck until she’d make one final, lethal mistake.

But what are lethal mistakes when you have the power to carry on? Only an obstacle towards reclaiming what is rightfully yours.

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“But you know what? You’re too late. You’re too late! He’s dead! The Denumbra belongs to me! It’s mine! It has always been mine!”






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