broken balance between life, death, and death

age: younger than he looks

race: it’s complicated

Kooga is, as a storyteller such as myself would call him, a game-breaking bug. He’s the anomaly that shouldn’t exist; yet he does, and that very existence is a threat to the integrity of the world.

With powers of Life, Death, and Necromancy at his hands, Kooga is a volatile child – and a child he is at the core, grown in body, but not in mind, thanks to a mother who didn’t want to waste time raising him. 

Yet, between the hatred of her soul and the rage of the Denumbra within him, Kooga grew to yearn but for one thing: to be loved.

One day, he will find a semblance of care in the most unexpected of hearts: a dead one. Aware that his new caretaker has ulterior motives, Kooga chooses to ignore what she won’t say: that she is leading him towards true death.

After all, what does death matter? Isn’t it a far more peaceful way to live – a better way to live, free of hatred and rage and suffering?

But does he really understand what lies in wait beyond death?

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“I don’t want to feel, Idora! Take it! Take it away! Make it go away! Make it go away!






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