warrior, ex-soldier, lovesick grouch

age: too old for his own good

race: Elshir

Adopted as a baby by an ex-soldier and abandoned again as a young child, Nalyn only survived the streets of infamous Gilfen by being adopted by a boy somewhat older than himself.

Anxious, quiet years passed until Nalyn discovered how the now grown boy, Maulen, had lived in his own place and provided food every day. That day, Nalyn also found out what was expected of him. In a fit of horrified fury, he grasped control of his latent powers and beat Maulen’s landlord to a dead, bloody pulp.

On his own afterwards, Nalyn wandered the streets of Gilfen for a few more years, until his violent instincts landed him in jail for the murder of a noble. It is here that he came to terms with his life, and with the prospect of dying in jail.

Yet, one day, he found himself forcefully enrolled in the Elshir army by the hand of Corvis, novice general to a squad of now four criminals. In time, they became one of the strongest units, sent to missions by the King himself.

But they grew weary of this life and, taking advantage of Corvis getting abducted by Humans, deserted the war. Ultimately, only Nalyn and Corvis remained, and they settled in a Human town where, over time, they grew even closer to each other…

When Corvis one day died in his sleep, as though choked by some invisible creature, Nalyn sank into depression and alcohol. He left their once-home and took to wandering the Human lands. Time and pain allowed him to cope, as well as a man of brawn could learn to.

Upon a chance encounter with a young elven girl with truly weird ears, Nalyn would come to realize that there was indeed more to Corvis’ death than the eye could see…

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“We’re done fighting Humans, aren’t we? Or do you expect me to go and hack a few of them up just for laughs?




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