empath, ansai-by-choice, and just a child

age: about a century old

race: Syrilae

Aneskia always wanted to do what was right by her mother, Niskania. From an early age, Aneskia realized that something was eating at her mother, for often, she’d wake up to hear her sobbing in her room.

She began to understand the depths of her mother’s pain when her powers finally began to manifest, and Aneskia found herself perceiving others’ emotions as though they were her own. Her mother’s heart revealed to her darknesses she could not name: hatred, grief, and a terrible black hole where love ought to be.

So Aneskia made herself the love that, she felt, her mother had once known and lost. She cared for her unconditionally, enduring her mother’s hatred of the world without flinching.

But things changed when she discovered their Ansai’s life was close to ending. Always a reserved child, Aneskia soon found herself thrown at the forefront of the race to perpetuate the Ansai line… finding, in the end, both success and disaster.

Shunned, burdened by the suspicion and disdain of her fellow Syrilae, Aneskia endured, knowing she had made the right choice.

A choice that led to the guardians of her village, the Aberviohn, shattering nonetheless.

Available Tales

‘Aneskia’s Life’ ch. 17

Coming Soon


“I’m afraid, Ansai. I don’t want everything to change. I don’t… want, what is to come. I want to save the Aberviohn. And malia. Kristofa. Iiri. Everyone.”





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