It was rage.
Rage destroyed the world.
The rage of a Goddess, betrayed.


     She had perceived them for a while. The tricksters.

     Their arrogance had gained them a state not meant for any of Aeyin’s creations:


     Immortality! A stain upon her lands! A constant nag in her mind! Knowing, always, forever, that the world was not right anymore!

     And Aeyin did nothing.

     She did nothing.

     It was life, such as Aeyin was Life, and that it was eternal posed her Sister no problem. No reasonable argument that Zyud put forward swayed her Sister. Aeyin accepted mortal immortality as a new factual state. Zyud’s pain swelled into hatred.

     The webbed city of metal and Death overhanging the mid-world volcano Zyud destroyed, casting all remaining Living down into the broiling crater. She took then to the heavens, overcasting the world in a blackness infinite and eternal. Zyud, the embodiment of Death awakened to her primal state once more, would have left none in her path.

     This, Aeyin knew. Though She did not understand her Sister’s distress, She acknowledged her madness. Zyud was going to annihilate all Life. Aeyin had no choice.

     And from the broiling, water-hued volcano erupted a geyser that reached to the heavens, cleaving the Blackness amassed at its peak. Thunder rolled across the world, shook its very foundations and split the earth, until the sky above the once-city of Zabeth shattered. Doused by darkness, Life’s geyser fell back. The world’s innate glow flickered.






Blackness spread
Like poison
Staining the world


     Until Time came and went, as time heals all wounds, and time stands by the weak as the strong grow ever weary.

     In time, sunlight parted the skies. Warmth returned to frozen lands, life to frozen hearts. The world began to beat again, to an empty tune.

     The Goddesses were dead.

     All that they were, all that they had brought the world, was gone.

     And as time heals all wounds, so did the world’s, and upon its scars life started anew.


But time does not heal all.
Flesh remembered deep truths.
Mind suffered collectively.


Even when her name had finally faded from the ages,
Tenumbra’s rage was never forgotten.


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