compassionate, loving fool

age: was about 400 years old (deceased)

race: Syrilae

From the day she was born, Selessannea was a little ray of sunshine to her mother, Ansai Nefahtil. She grew up free and happy, loved, and surrounded by kind and friendly faces.

Her true father unknown to her, Selessannea took to viewing the Vampire Devon as a surrogate father – her palo-in-spirit, as she called him – and treating him as such, despite her mother’s warnings.

But it isn’t his fangs that one day shattered Selessannea’s view of her world. One day, her surrogate father confessed deeper feelings of love to her. That is when she began to realize that her powers, which she’d vaguely understood as being a form of manipulation, had never truly been in her control.

As amends, Selessannea tried to divert Devon’s mind and heart towards the outside world, towards its people… only for Selessannea herself to fall in love with a Human. A Necrologer.

The price of love was steep. Banished from her home village by her own mother, Selessannea followed Daeron back into Human lands, distraught. Her grief assuaged when Devon one day found her, and decided to share in her exile – even if it meant to live under one roof with the Necrologer, Daeron.

Selessannea eventually fell pregnant, to barely survive childbirth. When she fell pregnant a second time, she knew her time was up. Despite Devon’s insistance she returns home, that her mother would certainly welcome her, Selessannea chose to remain by Daeron’s side.

On her deathbed, Selessannea asked Devon to forgive Daeron. Whether he did or not, she never knew.

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“You’re my palo. You will always be my palo, and my friend, no matter what happens.”





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