The one and only Death

age: eternal

race: Denumbra

Zool has always been. As far as his encyclopedic memory goes, he has always been what he is, he has always done what he does, and if you were to ask whether there’ll ever be an end in sight, Zool would not deign answer.

And even when an end started to show itself on death’s horizon, still Zool denied possibility.

However, stubborn a man as Zool was, he was no fool. When the Necrolore began to gain in force, in depth, in followers, Zool veered from his self-imposed duty as Death to hunt all things Necrolore.

Tireless, Zool pursued the undying in between two severed souls, aware that leaving the dead to roam would only strengthen the whispering entity beyond. Time, little as he grasped its passing, began to weigh upon his labyrinthine mind, for it was time that he lacked to track all renegade souls down.

And it is exactly that time which gave the undying one at the heart of the souls’ world opportunity to grow, strengthen, and strike.

One day, as Zool stepped into the soul world to travel away as always he had, he never stepped back out.

His disappearance only gave the undying even more opportunity to grow, to strengthen, to overtake the planet one dead Rooted at a time.

With Death gone, the other Denumbra realized that even they were not eternal.

One of them set out on a quest to return Death to what it had always been: the best big brother ever.

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