A Yosen maiden

The Yosen, unlike all other races, are not of Aun but of Rao. They live on Aeyuu’s western-most continent, one rife with nature, magic, and violent Wyr – whom they call Weri.

The Yosen’s civilization has existed since the dawn of time. They are quite like Humans – usually taller, predominantly black-haired and blue-eyed, and live somewhere between 150 and 200 years. Scientifically-minded above else, the Yosen have still developed a certain interest in Divinity, and revere the Goddess Aorei as the ruler and protector of Rao.

History has often made note of conflict and great changes – from the Oromashi myth to the demise of the last Empress of Rao, Hana Hajime, to the subsequent struggles between scientific communities to decide the fate of the Raon Empire, the Yosen have seldom known true peace. But then, the Yosen never seek peace but rather knowledge, and it is this pursuit of knowledge and comprehension that, some believe, will one day be the downfall of their entire civilization.

In the meantime, the Yosen culture has thrived and expanded well beyond the many races that populate Aun. Their science, coupled with the stronger magical nature of Rao, has allowed for great strides forward in matters of lodging, irrigation, communication, even transportation… Were it not for internal conflicts and Oromashi mass-destruction occurring every few centuries, the Yosen would certainly already have conquered the whole of Aeyuu.

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