The Wyr Aeva

The Wyr are a peculiar race, which the Humans they live alongside to once had pegged as a subdivision of Vampires. As it stands, Wyr majoritarily look like Humans and can easily blend in with them. Only time showed the Humans whom the Wyr lived closeby to that the Wyr, unlike the Vampires, were truly a race unto its own, born, raised, and naturally able to shift forms.

Wyr come in three categories:

  • Wair: these shifters are often kinder and more empathetic than the other Wyr. They also hold family values in greater esteem, much like the natural race of large felines that roam the Human Empire.
  • Wolf: these shifters are usually smarter and more prone to solitude. They are rational, sometimes to the point of appearing cold and heartless; this atttitude makes them stand out as Humans, for better or worse.
  • Bear: these shifters are a rarer breed of Wyr. Stronger, tougher, they usually believe themselves to stand above the Humans they appear as; yet, Bears are not dominating Wyrs by nature. rather, they use their strength to ensure others of their kind – even Wairs and Wolves – can live in peace wherever they choose.

Aside from these main categories, there exist anomalies in the Wyr race. Just like people have evolved over time, so have the Wyr, especially in the case of interspecies relations.

The Wyr have also been dragged into a form of civil war by Vampires and Humans, which has yet to be fully resolved. There is a time in Human history that Vampires, for a reason unknown, began to feed on Wyr – with sometimes horrible mutations as a result.

With the Human Empire growing twisted and dangerous, some Wyr have decided to leave their homes behind and find shelter at Malmern, a large city built closeby the H’Jen Desert, in wild Wyr territory. Though city Wyr and wild Wyr don’t always see eye to eye when it comes to determining whether they are ‘people’ or ‘animals’, the Wyr as a race will always remain on the side of their own kind.

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