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Timestamp: unknown.

The taste of his lips sent a shudder down Ine’s spine. All that made her woman relinquished itself to tonight’s flavor, his hands streaking along her hair, her face, down onto her exposed cleavage. She moaned as he reached inside her blouse and cupped her breast, which rattled in his grasp. He gave her a strange look that Ine didn’t want to deal with now – not now, not when her body had yet to reach for the figurative stars.

“It’s okay,” she whispered, arms wrapping round his strong neck. She leaned in to kiss him, and moaned between her tense lips. “I know you want me. Then, have me.”

Yes, his desire burned crystal clear in her veins. This man, one among many, nameless, aimless, as all the others before him, knew but one simple truth: he desired her more than life itself. Attracting these men had been as much a blessing as a curse, depending on Ine’s mood of the day. Tonight, consequences be damned.

She gasped, her back arching, as he penetrated her with force and greed. Nails dug into covers; skin rippled in the lantern’s flickering glow. With every hard thrust of the man’s deliciously thick shaft, tension and heat built up inside Ine until desire reached its paroxysm. She let out a loud yell then, that was echoed by the thousands of glinting gashes that ripped open across her body.

All that was left, then, was hunger.