Nenia, Ansai Nefahtil’s bodyguard and sister to Haani

The Syrilae, with their usually elongated forms and eartips shaped like the wings of bats, are a peculiar sight even to the Elves of the Empire. Often graceful, sometimes as brash and down-to-earth as Humans, no two Syrilae are similar, which is often a surprising aspect of these Elves.

What most of them do have in common is a deep sense of peace. Syrilae can live well over 2,000 years – far more than any known races on Aun. As such, time is of little concern to them; they do not hurry, but rather take the time to think, to feel, to act in accordance with themselves. Syrilae are taught from a young age that they are a part of magic, a part of the greater whole. And this, thanks to the Aberviohn.

No Syrilae knows how old the Aberviohn are. As far as they know, the Aberviohn have always been there, always guarded the Village from those who would do them harm. They know that the Aberviohn, the crystal trees surrounding their village, have the ability to prevent entry to any and all threat.

It is also common knowledge that the Aberviohn exist through the Ansai – a single Syrilae woman born to a long legacy, who is the link between Aberviohn and Syrilae. Without the Ansai, there is no Aberviohn – without the Aberviohn, there are no Syrilae.

With death being an unknown notion to them, a Syrilae who feels their life waning will often take to the roads and live the remainder of their life amid the outside populations. Syrilae blood runs through many veins.

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