Nalyn has been many things in his long, long life; he has seen much, experienced much, and paradoxically knows very little, for he has been trapped since childhood in a tidal wave of sorrow, trauma and death. He is a strong man physically, vulnerable of mind, as he has carried for centuries the weight of a broken childhood that haunts him to this day.

Nalyn is an Elshir – a race of Elves with colourful manes and diverse magical prowess. The Elshir are known for their thirst for war and conquest, and their prominently male population. In such a limited environment, crime and illegal activities are the only way to get by – a plague in the Elshir society, which is contained by forcing arrested criminals -the poor and noble alike- to serve in the Elshir army and thicken the fodder ranks.

And it is so that Nalyn, an orphaned child turned to vice in order to survive, a betrayed young man turned to crime and violence in a society that allowed him no room to breathe, was forcefully recruited into the Elshir army, where he would experience the best years of his life.
But they were not to last.

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