Portrait Nadieja
Made with Live Portrait Maker by Zephy0

Nadieja is known to many as the hard-ass Elven Head of Justice in the great city of Malmern, the capital of the country of Malmernian.

Commoner by birth and noble by adoption, Nadieja is a fierce believer in exacting justice the only right way: through the application of Malmern’s law.

But Nadieja’s belief in justice isn’t blind; whenever a person whom she deems innocent is incacerated, Nadieja will seek out a way to provide liberation and, at the very least, keep them safe when execution is the advocated sentence.


As one of four Council members, Nadieja’s voice holds but limited weight in truly overseeing the city. Even the so-called privilege of upholding Justice had seemed to her a misplaced joke, but she had taken the burden upon her shoulders nonetheless, resolute in cleaning up the city one criminal at a time.

Never would she have expected the city to be so corrupt…

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