Kooga Portrait2 DA

Son to Kassandra, Kooga’s life has been nothing but a long, downhill struggle.

As far as he can remember, his mother has always hated him – a fact he denies to himself, believing that, one day, she’ll turn around and finally start showing that motherly care he’s only witnessed in other mothers.

Were he able to dream, surely this would be the stuff his’d made of. Unable to dream, unable to control the powers gifted to him at birth, Kooga grows up all too quickly and becomes a threat to himself, and even to his mother.

Until, one day, he causes her death. A guilt he would never bear, for he would never remember the truth of that moment. Nor would the woman who’d appear to care for him in his mother’s stead ever divulge it… Only that it wasn’t his fault.

How ironic it would be that the woman without a heart would be kinder to him than his living mother ever had been…

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