Kassandra Portrait

Kassandra’s life can best be described as an on-going practical joke by some cruel deity.

Born Human, turned Vampire, she spent the majority of her five centuries traveling from one city to the next in search of victims and people to torment. How she survived certain situations can only be described as utter luck… or, by insidious power protecting her life.

It is quite late in life that Kassandra realized that she was never alone, and discovered the truth behind that feeling. This discovery allowed her to channel a power virtually unknown to all whom she met, and to always get the upper hand on others. Cocky, vicious, Kassandra enjoyed a life of freedom and supremacy.

When she gained ancient, forgotten power so great that the fabric of life itself could not withstand her touch, Kassandra knew she’d be forever indestructable.

But everything changed when, impossibly so, a life started growing within her. This life took out everything she had, down to her powers on the day of her first death, giving birth to her son.

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