Ilak'ri skin
Simple rendition of Ilak’ri visual traits

The Ilak’ri, also known as the Neshae among the Elshir, are a dark-skinned, dark-haired mutated branch of the Elshir gene. Along the Ciere mountainrange, which the Elshir excavated for centuries and more for the precious blue gems found in its depth, children one day started being born with uncharacteristically dark hair and lighter skin.

Several generations later, the dark spots that had begun appearing on these descendents’ skin finally covered their entire bodies. These Neshae – the cursed – were shunned by Elshir society. They became slaves to the domineering Elshir and accepted their fate.

The Neshae, unlike the Elshir, weren’t keen on domination. They were far calmer, mature individuals in a society full of grown children. Perhaps they had intended to accept slavery as a means to sway the Elshir into changing their ways; perhaps they had seen no reason to revolt, for they’d have gained nothing through war – as Elshir history always seemed to demonstrate.

But when, about 300 years ago, Queen Celein was murdered by Neshae conspirators and King Eldein declared them enemies of the Kingdom, the Neshae had no choice but to rebel, and fight for their lives. Those who fled and made it out of the Kingdom alive crossed the northern Lake Onorae and, eventually, established a matriarchy that would be dividided into two clans: those loyal to Màmoth, a creature of unknown characteristics, and Kerberoth, whom is rumored to be one of the last Dragons of Aun.

The Ilak’ri matriarchy has thrived ever since, despite having an issue similar to the Elshir: where Elshir are majoritarily born male, the Ilak’ri are majoritarily women.

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