General portrait
General Gilbert Orale

The life of the Human has always been a hard one. Since time immemorial they have lived, enslaved by the stronger Elves and later the Elshir, until one day the Humans somehow managed to rise above their condition and broke free of Elvin supremacy. How, when and why has been lost to history; whatever transpired was enough of a shock to the powerful Elshir for them to retreat and leave the Humans be.

Centuries, millenia passed, and the Humans built kingdoms, eventually a formidable Empire capable of keeping any invaders at bay. In time, they went as far as to try and prove their own supremacy to their Elshir neighbours, which resulted in a long-standing war that, as far as Humans know, never truly ended.

To counter magic, the Humans elaborated technological weapons such as guns to give themselves a fighting chance. Though Humans are incapable of wielding magic, it is whispered in certain circles that all magic lies not beyond their grasp. It is widely accepted that these rumors simply make mention of alchemy, a strange, dangerous craft some believe akin to magic itself. What is widely accepted is the notion that, without alchemy, Humans would not have survived as long as they have, what with the advent of curatives and, in larger cities, the branch of medicine.

So the Sommer Empire has thrived, for as long as Human memory serves.

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