Portrait Erjin
Made with Live Portrait Maker by Zephy0

Erjin is well-known in the Great Library of Malmern as a walking catastrophe. Whenever her coworkers notice her close-by, they instinctively protect their possessions and the books they may be working on from Erjin’s natural clumsiness.

Few know of her past. Erjin was raised in the agricultural city of Telli to the north-west of Malmern, where she was viewed as a nuisance by her adoptive mother for being physically weak and handicapped. Erjin is missing her right foot, which has prevented her from participating in the hard labour required in Telli. Shunned by her peers, humiliated by the adults in sometimes insidious ways, Erjin has always considered herself as a failure in life and rued the day she’d been born. Dreaming of the distant city of Malmern, whose lights shone bright like a tapestry of stars at night, was all that kept her from walking off into Malmernian and hope to be devoured by wild animals.

As she aged, her intellect became quite apparent. Her resolve to leave Telli behind and discover Malmern had grown, in part from encountering travelers throughout the years who’d tell her about the greatness of Malmern, and especially of its Library. As soon as Erjin managed to fetch a ride to the city and set foot on its cobbly streets, she knew she wanted to stay there forever.

Not only did she obtain this chance thanks to Jantelaïde, a peculiar silver-haired young man who haunts the Great Library of Malmern, but, during the Dogren festival, her suggestion for the strange rock-like mountaindwellers to use their knowledge to try and create mechanical replacement limbs was accepted. The first limb created was a right foot for Erjin who, for the first time in her life, could finally walk like everybody else.

Erjin became a known face at the Library, where she was hired as a cross-referencer due to her knack for linking sometimes unrelated facts together. Though exceedingly proficient in areas of knowledge, Erjin lacks in social skills and understanding people’s nature, which almost led her to her death.


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