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The late Queen, Taelin Eldein

The Elshir are the most dominant race of Aun. These Elves’ legacy dates back thousands of years; they have endured, through war, to become the most feared race of predators known to their many enemies – and especially to Humans.

Since time immemorial the Elves of Aun have enslaved the then-small population of magicless Humans at their disposal. In this regard, the Elshir were most adept, and most unwilling to change their ways. But Humans one day rose against them, and the memory of this sudden and unexpected upheaval remained a part of Elshir history. As Human lands expanded, so did the Elshir defend their border, always waging a cold war with this inferior population.

But the Elshir also harbour great culture. Their greatest cities tower towards the heavens, white stony spires of which the Royal City of Gaelhe is the prime example. There is song and dance among the Elshir, respect towards the many beasts that labour in their stead. There is also great depravity in this world where domination is key to existence. Among the Elshir, it is not the strong who survive, but the most cunning.

And they are aided by innate powers, often reflected in the colour of their hair – a trait whose origins have long been forgotten. Certain colours are a clear definition of an Elshir’s place in society – green hair is the mark of the Healers, a class of citizens eagerly sought after by the ever-changing Elshir military, while fuschia hair is the mark of royal lineage and, oft, clairvoyance. Most widespread are the fiery colours – red and yellow – which come in as varied hues as the powers they can wield. Only orange is a peculiar colour, often denoting a lack of innate skill. After the Neshae appearance, more colours appeared amid the Elshir, dark hues of reds, blues and browns that mingled with the western population of the Elshir Kingdom.

As far as Elshir go, they are typically thought of as brash, brutish drunks who don’t care about anything but themselves.

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