Eglen sketch - 2011

Who is Eglen: a question many have asked themselves, as the purple-haired, purple-eyed Elshir man strove his entire life to remain a mystery to all he came in contact with. With great success, until one fateful evening that the truth of his darkness was exposed – by none other than the King’s daughter Taelin, who one day would become his wife.

Eglen was born to low nobility: he is the son of a succesful merchant, who rose in rank through his trade. One day, this man disappeared without leaving a trace or a note, and as Eglen’s mother had long left the scene, he was left in the care of his aunt Aide, who took over her brother’s succesful trading post. Eglen, however, never missed his parents, nor did he ever have a true bond with Aide. He is the type of person who prefers animals to people, and thus he was extremely solitary in his youth, and liked it this way. Only one person caught his interest: the King, Eldin Eldein, whose remarkable life was the subject of most books Eglen read. He swore to himself that, one day, he’d go and serve the King, and help him take revenge on the Ilak’ri who murdered the late Queen, Celein.


And Eglen succeeded. First employed as a youth by one of the King’s advisors, Eglen rose to power and overtook the advisor’s place. How he did so, however, is the cause of his ultimate downfall…

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