Art by Mistexpi

As far as he is concerned, Devon believes he has lived for far too long.

2,000 years, give and take, and all he has to show for it is regrets, hatred, and a sometimes twisted sense of justice.

With time memories began to bleed together, but certain memories remained on the forefront of his mind. Namely the death of Selessannea, Ansai Nefahtil’s daughter, at the hands of a monster whose kind he has pursued ever since: Necromancers.

All Devon truly remembers of his long life is always seeking to help other people – even those who’d run away from him at the sight of his pointed canines and lateral incisors. Even so, Devon has tried and stay true to himself, to the sense of justice he acquired in his youth while traveling with Ansai Sorasiehn and fighting injustice by her side. He uses his strength to help the weak and kill the wicked. But he has yet to find the courage to end his own wicked life.

However, after ending up in Malmern’s jail and, through some twist of fate, being released into privileges akin to Malmern’s city guards, Devon would discover he still had a part to play in the greater shceme of things.

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