Arborians are a race of Elves native to the great forests that separate the north and south of the continent of Aun. They are tall, sharp hunters, with skin reminiscent of treebark. Arborians are seldom seen beyond the borders of their domain, which the Humans living to the north refer to as the ‘Hunting Grounds’.

Most Arborians are atuned to magic, but not all of them are capable of harnessing this ancient power that, through evolution, became all but scarce. Being hunters first and foremost, Arborians value physical prowess over mental achievements. However, there is no greater insult in their culture than to belittle another’s intellect.

In Arborian culture, those who take the lead are often the ones capable of magic – those who are sylr. They are believed to be Morokai, their prime deity, incarnate, and thus most apt to help their race perdure. No one truly rules the Arborians however; they live as clans, each at the service of the other, and think in terms of ‘we’ rather than ‘I’.

As may be expected, Arborians are quite hostile towards races other than their own.

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