Sketch241173910Aneskia is the daughter of Niskania, a Syrilae Elf, and Jethrin, a ‘regular’ Elf (what do I define as regular? Atm, I don’t know XD). Syrilae Elves are creatures of great magic, who live and die by it; as such, each Syrilae is granted a gift at birth than can be as close or far from their parents’ legacy as you can imagine it. Niskania was a clairvoyant, who saw in dreams events prepare or unfold; Aneskia was born an empath, and grew up to feel the emotions of people around her. She never knew her father, who left when she was but a baby. It fell upon Niskania to raise her daughter – a daughter she had never wanted.

And Aneskia grew up sensing all of her mother’s negative emotions – hatred towards her father for abandoning them, hatred towards the world for the horrible dreams she never wanted, hatred towards the Aberviohn -the sacred crystal trees protecting the Syrilae village- for gifting her these dreams, and hatred, now and again, towards the child she had never wanted. Aneskia, however, loved her mother immensely, unconditionally – she tried not to be a burden to her, tried so hard for her mother to love her. Her greatest strength was always her kindness and care towards people, whether they accepted her or not. It is this great kindness that led her, as a 70-year old child in Syrilae calculations, to sacrifice a portion of her longevity to ensure the continued existence of the Aberviohn, whose existence was linked to the life of the Ansai – an Elder of sorts, whose legacy dated back to the creation of the world itself.

Never would she have thought this would ultimately lead to their destruction.

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