Aeva is one of the many Wyr who live in the city of Malmern, the capital of the Malmernian Dominion, located far to the west of the Sommer Empire.

Originally from the city of Midri, made famous for its many shady people and dealings, Aeva ended up in Malmern after deciding to seek out a cure for her tremors – a condition often associated with unhealthy Wyr. Though a usually calm Wolf, Aeva found herself in a situation that caused her to shift and attack the Honorary, Malmern’s official city guards. She was arrested and thrown in jail, awaiting her sentence for killing one of the Honorary.

But Lady Nadieja, the noble ruler in charge of diplomacy and law enforcement, saw things quite differently. After a brief interview with Lady nadieja, Aeva soon found herself released from the Malmernian jail.

More surprisingly, she had been given right and privileges akin to the Honorary’s… and even the right to uphold justice as she saw fit.


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