I hope this to be a growing page! But, for now, I would like to thank the following people:

For their continued encouragement and support:

Willy Apel, Irène de Brae, Katharina Bulcke and Peter Williamson

For being early backers on Patreon and staying with me on this journey. The Patreon model changed in December 2017 to have but a single $1 tier and I thus removed the higher tier reward that offered name acknowledgements on the file themselves, but I wanted their contribution and support to be immortalized nonetheless. Because their support has, and still does, mean the world to me.

CiCi Sama

We met through a group, as I left her constructive criticisms on her stories, and we hit it off quite well. Then, she disappeared for a year. When I one day saw a post from her that she wanted to reconnect with people, I immediately commented. Many months, and many exchanges about our personal worlds later, we became really close friends and writing buddies who support each other for the simple reason that we care.
Where do I even begin to show my appreciation and love for this wonderful person? Well, right here, for all to see. Her feedback on Fates will ensure the book gets as good as it can be, and I’ll owe it to her. I hope to be able to do the same for her eventually, as I expect there one day to be a book on her side as well.

* * *

Stéphane Gore/Diurnalon

Last but certainly not least. Not by a longshot.
We have been together for the past seven years – almost eight by the time of writing this. We’ve seen quite a few lows, but since the last couple of years things have started looking up. With him attaining his dream of working in the IT sector (where he’s still evolving!), it has become possible for me to follow my dream: writing. We support each other every step of the professional way (with some household nitpicking along the way, but things would be weird if we always agreed, right?). He’s the one person standing behind me, figuratively and literally when he comes home and decides to scare me while I have my headphones on. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.

I love you, my cute little lion. Life’d be so empty without you.

And also…

Clothilde, for a two-year friendship filled with encouragement and wonderful exchanges. Her support helped me grow my confidence, her departure closed a painful chapter of my life. For this I will always be grateful.

To the past that built this future.

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