Did You Know? Gods & Goddesses

The cool thing with this series is that I get to write these completely out of chronology. The Faeries post that’ll eventually get posted? I already wrote part of it. But it’s while writing it that I realized some more background information was needed to fully comprehend it.

And one of that required background information is:

Did You Know? Aeyuu has SIX real deities.

Though the two most prominent ones are the Goddess of Life Aeyin and the Goddess of Death Zyud, a few more divinities saw the light of day after them, and all have had their impact on Aeyuu.

The Dragon God Jin rose from the carcass of an age-old sea serpent. In time, Jin took to the newly formed lands and brought red, burning fire to an otherwise monochromatic blue world. He created the nowadays nearly extinct race of Dragons in his image, and only them.

Divine Aorei rose from the silent waters running through the continent of Rao as a bolt of terrible lightning. Aorei’s affinity is magic itself, a bringer of heat and power in a land that will eventually be ruled by logic and science. Due to Rao’s calamity-ridden past, Aorei has in time faded from the world to safeguard the continent’s integrity.

Xenodai is the strangest God of all, a fluke creation of what seems evolution itself. His power was weak but his sentience great, so that Xenodai escaped the magmatic purge that occurred right after the other gods came to life. But existence had a cost for this god, as Xenodai is unable to create new life; instead, he streamlines and experiments with the very genetic heritage of all that the other Divines have created. Xenodai has many names and many faces, and is eventually best known and revered as the Trickster God.

Lastly, and perhaps not least, another God rose from the depths of a distant grey darkness after centuries of silence. This God, unlike the others, was not created from the Primordial Ooze but from the greed and ego of mortals who defied the Great Zyud in a time before time began. Mortals found a way to defy death; in her rage, Zyud destroyed these mortals, their city, and caused a worldwide Ice Age that wiped Aeyuu’s slate clean.
But obliterated as they were, these mortals lived on in some form, in some world, until time itself evolved these anomalies into something greater, something sentient, that became as a god unto itself. So was born Thaene, God of Undeath, as the very world where departed souls might stray.

Enjoyed it? Let me know. Got an idea/question regarding the world of Aeyuu? Definitely let me know, it’d make perfect fodder for a next Did-You-Know!

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