Did You Know?

Methinks I’m trying to procrastinate right now, but as long as it gets me writing, I’m not going to complain. XD

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to find some idea, some topic I could make actual posts with here. Now that my health’s stabilizing and my brain is regaining its strength (thank you Pokéwalks), and since 20-year old mental issues got kicked to the curb last year, I’ve just been wanting to do more – more! – MORE!!!, but without quite knowing how to do so. Sure, there’s working on my novel Fates, and even drawing (which I’m getting better at!), but at the core… I’m a writer. And a writer needs to write.

So, what is left for me to write about?

Well, I could be chronicling the creation of Aeyuu – kind of a behind-the-scenes sort of deal, sometimes about the world itself, sometimes about the inspiration for the world’s creations. And I thought I’d start this off with this:

Did You Know? Aeyuu was originally a chatroom RPG world.

In fact, it was a world without a name, filled with tropes and thoughts and the wild ideas and creations born between myself and my former roleplay partner. It only became Aeyuu once the friendship died a gruesome death and I was faced with a simple fact: all we had built was dead, and I owed it to the world, and to myself, to salvage all that could be salvaged.

Thus I began the process, rebuilding the planet on some of the vestiges of its former incarnation. In time, this world’s heart started beating of its own accord and no longer did it stand as a Frankenstein, but it began to determine its own rules, its own reality, to a point that little to nothing remains of its obsolete foundations.

And what little did remain, I gave new reasons to exist to, logical reasons that fit within the rules of Aeyuu (with one or two exceptions I’m still working on). Now, I’m working on working out more logic, more details, understanding exactly how Aeyuu as a planet came to be, so that everything I implement can make perfect sense within the world – like glowing animals or why snakes have four eyes.

And that’s it for today. Enjoyed it? Let me know. Got an idea/question regarding the world of Aeyuu? Definitely let me know, it’d make perfect fodder for a next Did-You-Know!

Right now I’ve no idea how often I’ll write these… Likely when inspiration strikes, as schedules stress me out XD (and I’ve become incapable of coping with stress). So keep your eyes peeled 😀

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