The teachings of gaming.

Let me tell you a little tale of gaming turned life lesson.

I’m a casual Diablo 3 player. This means that I don’t strive to achieve the highest levels, and only play for fun. That doesn’t mean I can’t have a competitive streak, but I’m aware I’ll never be able to compete with the high rollers up top.

In one of my earliest Diablo streams, I got to talk with a veteran player. It was a fun discussion, and he showed me that, this season, there’s a really gorgeous pair of wings to win. Considering all the hoops you have to jump through, I figured I’d not be able to reach them. But, in an attempt to rekindle my sense of ambition, I decided: this season, I *am* going to reach the season’s highest levels.

Well, today I reached Greater Rift solo 70. For the first time ever. This is basically a difficulty where you have to be quick on your keyboard and mouse and not overthink. Not only did I complete the rift, but I got my very first Primal Legendary in the same breath. The sense of pride is very real.

And how does this relate to my writing? Simple: ambition. I’ve just proven to myself that I can achieve something I never, ever, ever thought I could. The step from gaming to writing is minimal; it takes the same tenacity and endurance to reach heights you could see from afar and imagined would never be for you.

So even though this year has so far been one of my worst to date, and I can but see from afar the heights I want to reach, I do trust I can reach them now. What it takes is dedication and a global plan, which are the things that took me so high in Diablo – and I’ve yet to complete a few more steps, but I’m so close to completing the entire season now that there’s no way I’ll quit.

I may have far more steps to go with my writing, but I’m dedicated. I’ll get there. I’ll get there because I trust, now, that I can do it. I have my global plan – Aeyuu-fy *EVERYTHING* – and I’m as tenacious as a pitbull with a bone.

Just as my Primal Razor Strap is proof of what I achieved in Diablo, all that I have written and posted and shared is proof of what I have already achieved not only as a writer, but as a person. Because, 20-so years ago, I could have never, ever, ever imagined I’d stand right here, on the cusp of something greater.

I know I won’t finish Fates this year, but it’s coming. As is Aeyuu itself. I have decided to overtake the world with mine, and that’s exactly what I’ll do.

And that is for my little tale of gaming. Life lessons ftw.

Anybody ever had this kind of life lesson while doing something completely unrelated? Let me know, I love to hear life stories 😀

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