Gonna try and do this updating thing more often..

(X-posted from Patreon)

Though don’t expect it to be perfectly on time every time. My chaotic nature prevents that. << XD

So what’s new?

For starters, the prompt story from February is nearing completion. 5 out of 7 pages edited (twice). Fixed several PoV issues and failing continuity (like, how can you take off your pants if you’re already naked? XD). Really looking forward to finishing it and sharing this 18+ story with the world, as I’ll certainly use it as a commission example.

Yep: commissions. This is, for now, still a project, but I plan on writing up the commissioning text this week. I’ll likely not set anything ‘marketing’ in motion until after my wedding, which is in September. But know it will be happening, and that I’ll be teaming up with CiCi Sama. Because it’s easier to promote yourself if you’re promoting a friend in the same breath 😀

Speaking of promoting: the new TfA logo is a reality, as you may have already noticed. Just need to upload an extra polished version everywhere, but that’s the finalized version. I will be using at the very least the text as a ‘branding’ on everything I create.

Which, if all goes well, will eventually include merchandising. That’s right: MERCHANDISING. Because I want a TfA mug and I have ideas for writing t-shirts (thanks to the marketing dude I met online and his inspired articles), so why not try it out and see how that goes? I definitely NEED a TfA mug. That one WILL happen. Probably on Printful

Let’s see, what else… Oh! Tilt Brush. The 3D drawing app on Oculus Quest. Yeah. I made a thing. I made a very cool thing. Very first attempt at doing something worthwhile. This fits into the whole use-all-tools-at-your-disposal mentality.As does this video, starring Ine. Some Aeyuu-related MTG videos will be coming soon, too.

And lastly, I’ll go work on July’s Patreon rewards. There’s some writing, several writing streams, and dear gods I’d better start taking notes on everything I do because, judging by how organized I’m starting to try and get, I’ll lose my brain if I don’t make a list. XD

Oh yeah: about my health. It’s doing pretty great, even though I’ve noticed that not taking my meds in a few days causes dizziness in my eyes. Very weird feeling. So I know that, as good as I may feel right now, it’s a very fragile good. I’m good because, right now, I’m protected from the outside world. Because the mere thought of going back to it causes a surge of stress/panic to the point of making me want to scream. So that reminds me that, as good as I may feel, it doesn’t mean I’m doing good. Definitely a lot better since figuring out I have accumulation issues (and training my brain to decumulate). So, health is still a WIP, though I must admit I’m doing tons better than I did back in April. And the Oculus Quest still works great as a nerve-soother.

And that is all for now. Time to work on some more things for today 😀

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