World domination marches onward

(X-posted from Patreon)

After a lot of thinking and debating, I’ve decided to stop ‘boxing myself up’ and to just embrace all that I am. This means, in part, to stop excluding my gamer heritage from my world creation endeavours.

After an awesome Ine re-creation in Soul Calibur 6, I thought that, today, I’d have some fun working on a visual character sheet for my little cannibal mascot. I am, after all, a visual person, and a gamer, so what better way to sheet her up than by doing so in a D&D fashion? Googled some sheets and found this one, which I used as a base.

The sheet’s not 100% done, but this is basically what’ll be used for future sheets – for more are definitely coming. I’m completely overhauling my way of doing things. No more hiding my gamer self.

Speaking of which, I’ve been creating MTG Arena decks based on my characters. Made a Kassandra yesterday, today an Ine – which was damn powerful! Videos of a couple of games will be coming to Youtube sometime soon 😀

Can’t tell how good I feel about this new sharing strategy – for it is, in part a strategy. The strategy is to build my uniqueness simply by being me. Which is now surprisingly easy to do 😀

We’re going all-out, guys. Expect some merch to start appearing at some time, as well – some of which I’ll make exclusive to my Patrons who’ve been an amazing support since I started this journey. It’s time I gave something cool back. Dunno when, but it’s coming <<

For now, it’s time I start rebuilding from the ground up – new foundations, new bricks, new roofing, new everything. New logo coming soon, as well.

The world domination marches on, one cannibal at a time. 😀

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