Sunday Special #12 – The Necrologers

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Every Sunday I run a Special relating to my Fantasy world of Aeyuu, which is the stage for many stories developed further through the Tales from Aeyuu Patreon. These Specials are closely tied with my novel-to-be, The Age of Silence, which is basically a story about Love, Sacrifice, and Death.

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Today, following up on last week’s Special Of Korinda and death, we’ll delve into the darkest side of the world of Aeyuu: the Necrolore.


Rising from fear

Humanity’s collective subconscious is fraught with fear. For uncountable millenia Humans were slaves to Elves – faithful, fearful servants without strength or power, incapable of revolting against their spellcasting masters. History never quite recorded how and when the Humans shed their shackles and gained their freedom at last, nor is it known how, throughout the centuries that followed, they repelled any and all Elshir invaders at their westernmost borders. What Humanity knew once all Elves on their lands had either been chased off or slaughtered was that, at last, it could live free.

Time aiding, Elven fear became distrust and, in border cities, paranoia. With the advent of Human culture, which based itself loosely on certain aspects of their once-masters’, the Humans’ fears evolved to encompass simpler things, like a fear of famine or darkness. Humans being short-lived creatures – 30 to 40 years at best in those days – they learned to fear death more than anything else in the world.

But in the western country of Korinda, in the swamplands that would be made livable by the daring and the fools, death itself was not feared. What the citizens of Korinda feared were the people capable of wielding death on command, like a twisted form of magic reminiscent of their once-masters’, and the only form of power capable, as rumours go, of tearing the very magic out of the Elven spellcasters.

In Korinda history has taken a life of its own. There it is believed that these wielders of death, the Necrologers as they are called in hushed circles, are the sole reason the Humans ever broke free of Elven tyranny. But the cost of this conserved freedom were, for Korinda, great indeed.


The Necrologers

In certain cities of Korinda Necrologers are known by name, yet never a name passes lips, as the citizens fear the repercussions of speaking out against those of the Lore. Rumours abound among the cities, of people disappearing, of monstrous growls and roars rolling across the darkest of nights; of Humans unaffected by gangrened limbs as they parade across the streets. It is believed, and even claimed by the most daring, that even but brief exposure to a Necrologer can result in deadly curses befalling the unwary, or in monsters coming to their homes at night and devouring their children.

Yet it is rare indeed to hear firsthand accounts of Necrolorian acts committed. Beyond rumours of disappearances, no one can or will state they have witnessed deathly magic in action, and with good reason: the Necrolore, or Necromancy as the initiated call it, is magic never seen, never consciously experienced, until it has already struck. Humans are insensitive to the presence of magic in the air, and thus cannot detect the Necrolore – unlike beings of magic such as the western Elshir or the southern Syrilae, who will more often than not avoid Korinda entirely. Only Elshir soldiers will risk life and limb to complete their tasks within Korinda’s borders, for desertion is an act of treason punished by torture and death. Rumours haunt the border cities, of Elves screaming into the night and torn bodies left to rot in the streets as a warning never to cross the wielders of death.

Yet, not all Korindians fear the Necrologers. Some regard them as pioneers who, paradoxically, helped extend the fragile lives of their peers. These grateful few view the Necrologers as exceptionally talented alchemists who, in their pursuit of lasting life, performed groundbreaking research and discoveries in the fields of medicine – antidotes, cures, anatomical studies – that became Korinda’s main trade, and the source of its wealth. The most fervent defenders of the Necrologers hammer on Humanity’s need for their knowledge, be it for the benefit of Humans or the detriment of non-Humans – but always, they would note, for Humanity’s continued survival.

Whether truth or biased gratitude, it is a globally accepted fact that Necrologers possess knowledge that most common alchemists and healers cannot even dream of. The wisest of them all, however, have questioned the cost of such great knowledge, but never dared seek answers.

— — —

Well this was supposed to be about the Necrolore itself, but I found it difficult to balance narrative knowledge and the complete understanding of the creator. I do want to go into more detail about the Necrolore, so I think I’ll use this Special as a springboard to events that relate to The Age of Silence and a certain character who possesses inner knowledge…

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Sunday Special, same channel 😀



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Originally posted on Blogger, on October 1st, 2017
Reruns are edited/improved versions wherever possible.

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