Sunday Special #11 – Of Korinda and death

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Every Sunday I run a Special relating to my Fantasy world of Aeyuu, which is the stage for many stories developed further through the Tales from Aeyuu Patreon. These Specials are closely tied with my novel-to-be, The Age of Silence, which is basically a story about Love, Sacrifice, and Death.

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Today, following up on last week’s Special The Legacy, we’ll delve into the darkest side of the world of Aeyuu, starting at its known foundations.


The Korande line

Whether the Korande family gave their name to Korinda or took on a consonant name to establish their authority within this country, no one adept of the Necrolore can deny that the Korande family were a major influence in the country’s history. Believed to be one of the founding families, most notorious for performing twisted experiments upon life itself, the Korandes were revered and feared throughout the knowledgeable circles of Korinda.

Until, one day, the last direct heir, Daeron, turned his back on his mother as well as, it was rumoured, the Necrolore itself.

Daeron Korande, son to Adrienne Korande, departed Korinda to establish himself far to the south, in the country of Bormen, and cut all contact with his mother – direct and otherwise. As powerful as she was rumored to be, it is said Adrienne never quite found her son’s location, and that her rage at being betrayed grew so terrible that her Human heart gave out on her. Whether she rose back from the grave to pursue her son and destroy him is a speculation without proof, but frightening enough a rumour that many Korindians fear to even speak of this cursed family.

The Korande mansion has long ago been looted by the fearless and still stands, a derelict ruin  overgrown by nature as ruthless as its former inhabitants. Some people still believe that the Korande family haunt their ancestral home, and that Adrienne’s spirit can be heard wailing at night, trying in vain to subdue her eternal rage.

But then, what else can one believe in a land pervaded by death?



The country of Korinda was, long ago, the theater of ruthless wars between the elven Elshir to the west, and the Humans living to the east of what was, in those days, a dark and treacherous swamp. Though immensely powerful magical beings, the Elshir never quite managed to annex the Korindian swamp. They got bested, for centuries, by a power none of them could wield or understand, upon which Korinda eventually became founded: the Necrolore.

After draining the swamplands, some Humans began to colonize these now sturdy and buildable lands. Only those with access to the Necrolore truly settled there, for only they could keep the Elshir at bay – or kill those foolish enough to invade. Being dominant creatures, the Elshir did try, again and again, to drive the Humans back and claim their lands… but to no avail. History marks the rise of Korinda as the beginning of the Embers War – a millenia-long war between Elshir and Humans that was characterized by long spans of peace interspersed with brutal, bloody assaults. Yet, for all their magic, and despite greater numerical and strategic force, the Elshir never quite managed to break through Korinda to invade neighbouring Human lands.

And after every assault, surviving Humans returned to Korinda and rebuilt what had been broken, like moths drawn to a flame doomed to extinction. History did not record the Humans’ suicidal reasons to return to warlands; a true Korindian would say that the smell of death is what attracted their forefathers, for only on dead lands can death itself thrive.


The Necrolore

So is the power over death called, a term originally coined amid ancient lines of alchemists who first discovered this unusual type of magic – or so it is believed. History never quite recorded where and when the Necrolore first appeared, but it is fact that the first sightings of deathly magic are attributed to the inhabitants of the ancient swamplands drained dry. Korindians themselves are firm believers that the Necrolore was discovered in their midst – and deny its existence with the same breath. Pride and fear often co-exist in their minds for, as beneficial as the Necrolore has been to Korinda’s continued existence, it is also believed to be the cause of many a failed crop and twisted tree, and many a stillborn child. At the same time, Korinda eventually became well-known for its advances in the fields of alchemy and medical science – a strange paradox that has kept Korinda’s trading routes open and the country a bustling environment despite death having crept inside every household.

With the sciences of death its major trade, Korinda flourished. Centuries and millenia passed, and with them the true secrets of the Necrolore faded from knowledge…

But not to all.

— — —

And that is all for this somewhat disjointed founding Special 🙂 next week I’ll go into more detail as to what the Necrolore entails. Which is gonna be fun 😀

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Sunday Special, same channel 😀


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Originally posted on Blogger, on September 24, 2017
Reruns are edited/improved versions wherever possible.

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