Sunday Special #10 – The Legacy

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If you haven’t already, check out last week’s Special!

Every Sunday I run a Special relating to my Fantasy world of Aeyuu, which is the stage for many stories developed further through the Tales from Aeyuu Patreon. These Specials are closely tied with my novel-to-be, The Age of Silence, which is basically a story about Love, Sacrifice, and Death.

This Sunday, after expanding on the lives of the most recent Ansai, I’ll be delving into main protagonist Aneskia‘s own life and her unforeseen rise to power.

Important terms in a nutshell
(read up on them here)

Syrilae A race of Elves with tremendous magical powers. It is cultural belief among Syrilae that they cannot exist without an Ansai serving as catalyst for the Aberviohn’s power.

Ansai A term roughly translating as ‘leader’. The Ansai is a Syrilae born to a unique legacy within the race, whose very life is tied in with the Aberviohn’s lives.

Aberviohn Glowing crystal blue trees that surround the Syrilae’s native Village, located in the Ghostlight forest. They possess a certain sentience and innate power, and are revered as guardians by the Syrilae.


Ansai Nefahtil was dead, her life claimed by the Ritual that was to save the Syrilae race.  The bloodline that was supposed to go extinct as the last, childless Ansai’s life evaporated, was instead renewed with the advent of Ansai Aneskia, a child with no affiliation to the Ansai line. Her peers did not understand. So Aneskia was perceived as an anomaly, an unnatural presence, a thing of fright, and shunned by most of the remaining Villagers.

What the Villagers did not know, however, was that the Ansai’s line had indeed survived.


Selessannea’s children

Ansai Nefahtil’s daughter, Selessannea, died over five centuries prior while giving birth to her second daughter, Cassidy. It is commonly known that Syrilae women cannot safely give birth outside of the Village, nor far from the Aberviohn. Weakened, but unwilling to leave behind her lover Daeron, Selessannea made the dangerous choice to birthe her first daughter, Kassandra, away from the Village. Her body could not withstand the same ordeal four years later, to her friend Devon’s desolation.

Through a twist of fate, not their father Daeron but the Vampire Devon took the children into his care. He raised both girls as well he could, despite Kassandra’s raving hatred for him, and the Humans’ murderous disdain for his race. Devon loved Cassidy as were she his own, and she in turn treated him as were he her loving father. When, at the tender age of 14, Cassidy committed suicide, Devon’s heart broke for good.

And when, a few years later, Kassandra’s corpse was found burned alive, Devon gave up the pretense of humanity.

Unable to cope with the tragic loss of Selessannea’s children, both of whom he had sworn on her deathbed to protect, Devon left town and never looked back. If he had, he might have gotten wind of the Vampire attacks perpetrated in town, soon after his departure, by a girl who’d looked suspiciously similar to Kassandra…


The taste of power

The Vampire transformation complete, Kassandra had lost all memory of her Human past and started living for the simple thrill of the kill. All that remained from her Human life was a hatred rooted deep in her bones, which caused her to lash out at all she met – at happy children more than any other type of Humans, for she hated them to the point of madness, and she could not understand why.

Kassandra knew herself powerful. She enjoyed manipulating others, dominating them. She spent innumerable years traveling from city to city, going where the kills were simple and the men easy to manipulate. During the hidden war that opposed Vampires to Wyr, a race of Human-like shapeshifters descending from wolves and wairs, Kassandra was one of many who drank of their blood and experienced slight mutations – in her case, the ability to stretch her nails to a certain degree, like a wair’s claws.

Wherever Kassandra went, power and comfort was all she sought, and all she obtained. In time, she discovered that her power was far from limited to that of the physical. One day the whispers came to her mind, and spoke to her of all that she could be. She felt as though they were an old friend calling her home, and she welcomed their presence. A world of infinite power opened to her.

The Necrolore, as it was called in hushed circles, was a form of magic that allowed Humans to manipulate the very life essences of people, to torture their souls and kill them without ever leaving a trace. She found herself able to force untethered souls to do her bidding, and kill in her stead. This power served her well when she, like so many Vampires, got caught up in the civil war that would oppose them to the Humans, who had grown fed up with centuries of Vampiric tyranny. She ran and hid, and found in the Elshir man Marius an easy to manipulate fleshen shield who would help her obtain a power greater than anything she had ever thought possible.

So doing, she tainted her bloodline forever…

— — —

And I have to stop it here because otherwise it becomes TMI XD. All will be revealed in time, but I’d like to keep some surprises 😉 but she’ll certainly be a topic of writing at some point, and like all stories I write, you’ll find them at my Patreon ^^

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Sunday Special, same channel 😀


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Originally posted on Blogger, on September 10, 2017
Reruns are edited/improved versions wherever possible.

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