Sunday Special #09 – Ansai Aneskia

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Every Sunday I run a Special relating to my Fantasy world of Aeyuu, which is the stage for many stories developed further through the Tales from Aeyuu Patreon. These Specials are closely tied with my novel-to-be, The Age of Silence, which is basically a story about Love, Sacrifice, and Death.

This Sunday, after expanding on the lives of the most recent Ansai, I’ll be delving into main protagonist Aneskia‘s own life and her unforeseen rise to power.

Important terms in a nutshell
(read up on them here)

Syrilae A race of Elves with tremendous magical powers. It is cultural belief among Syrilae that they cannot exist without an Ansai serving as catalyst for the Aberviohn’s power.

Ansai A term roughly translating as ‘leader’. The Ansai is a Syrilae born to a unique legacy within the race, whose very life is tied in with the Aberviohn’s lives.

Aberviohn Glowing crystal blue trees that surround the Syrilae’s native Village, located in the Ghostlight forest. They possess a certain sentience and innate power, and are revered as guardians by the Syrilae.

Aneskia - 2008

A loving soul

Aneskia was born to the Syrilae Niskania and the Elven man Jethrin, who passed away soon after her birth, leaving Niskania to raise Aneskia alone. Aneskia was an exemplary child, kind, well-behaved, who loved her mother with all her heart. She would know of no ill until her powers begun to manifest – unusual powers that allowed Aneskia to read others’ hearts and experience their emotions as though they were her own. A world of darkness, contained within her mother’s heart, opened up to her.

Still a young child by Syrilae standards, Aneskia discovered in her mother’s heart hatred and sorrow, the heart-rending agony of loss and of feeling abandoned by the one that she loved. These emotions Aneskia could not quite understand nor cope with; they were pain such as she couldn’t describe. Yet, being a kind-hearted child, Aneskia decided to bear this pain on her own. She did not bother her mother with questions or concern and merely remained by her mother’s side, smiling, acting as though nothing was wrong. Whenever the weight of her mother’s darkness submerged her, Aneskia sought out the reliable care of her mother’s best friend, Kristofa, whom she would eventually come to refer to as ‘palo’ – father.

As she aged into what Humans might define as prepubescence, Aneskia’s desire to help her mother any way she could, and her curiousity towards her mother’s inner darkness, brought mother and daughter closer together. Bridging the gap of despair remained an impossible affair, but Aneskia’s devotion and love for her mother seemed to take some effect. Niskania mellowed in time, if but a little; enough for Aneskia to no longer become physically ill in the presence of her mother’s hate.

With curiousity for her mother’s heart came curiousity towards the past, towards her father, whose Elven heritage her mother one day revealed in passing. To feel closer to the father she had never known, Aneskia roped in Kristofa, notorious for breaching Ansai Nefahtil‘s imposed segregation from the world, into teaching her of other cultures and languages. In so doing she hoped that, one day, this understanding of others might help her banish the darkness from her mother’s heart. Her devotion opened up her heart to the song of the Aberviohn, which she sometimes felt warm her with absolute compassion.

She was one of the first Syrilae to feel the Aberviohn change.


Child of the Aberviohn

At about a century’s age, Aneskia was still a child by Syrilae standards; immature, barely pubescent, yet already quite intelligent, and attuned to her powers. Aneskia, like few other sensitive Syrilae, realized one day that there were emotions crackling in the air that did not belong: a sense of heat, of rashness, that influenced the Syrilae themselves and drove anger into their hearts. Violent outbursts became a common occurrence. Her fellow Villagers were soon to point the blame upon Ansai Nefahtil’s advanced age. And they were right – if only in part, as she learned from a long-exiled Syrilae woman named Seliana.

Aneskia learned from Seliana that, as Ansai Nefahtil became weaker and the Aberviohn strained to sustain themselves, so had they begun to absorb power from the Coming Ansai – the Syrilae next in line to inherit the Aberviohn’s legacy. This consumed power was rooted in hatred and suffering. It was something dark and malicious that Seliana believed, if allowed to spread further, would mean the end of the Syrilae as they had always been: kind-hearted, good-natured, and just. Worse than death, the Syrilae would mutate into something else. Aneskia did not need to hear more.

So Aneskia accepted to defy fate by allying herself with Seliana, a Syrilae shunned for being rumoured immortal, and with Kristofa who, guided by Seliana, had strived to find a way to prevent the Coming Ansai’s rise to power.

With power rooted in unconditional love, Aneskia was thought of as the ideal candidate to inherit the Ansai legacy. Even though, being so young, she may not survive the transfer of Power.


The price of change

But the transfer was a success, and the Coming Ansai’s power was severed from the Aberviohn’s. Peace returned to the Syrilae Village, if only in appearance.

No one truly understood what had happened. How had a child born outside of the Ansai lineage suddenly inherited the Ansai’s power? This tradition, bound by and through blood, suffered no exceptions. Viewed now as something disturbing, frightening, unnatural, Aneskia was shunned by the people whom she had merely wished to save. Only a handful of Syrilae remained by her side to take care of her, as she was still a child, and she had now lost all that had ever mattered to her.

Aneskia’s mother had died while the transfer had taken place. Kristofa had left without saying goodbye. Seliana soon abandoned her as well to return to her voluntary exile. And despite knowing in her heart that she’d saved her kind, Aneskia grew to regret her decision. She was alone now. Only the Aberviohn still loved her, loudly so, but even their omnipresent voice sometimes could not breach her pain.

And then something changed.

Aneskia pixel new copy copy


Aneskia did not really grasp when it started. She began to lose time. To lose moments. She would wake up as though from a daydream, feeling immaterial stares linger upon her. Then another voice one day found its way into her heart: that of a violent, ruthless force that she came not to fear, as it oft chased those unseeing eyes away. Something, somewhere, was happening.

And, one day, this something found her.

— — —


And that is all for Aneskia! There’s obviously a lot more to say, but that’ll be for the novel ;).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Sunday Special, same channel 😀


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Originally posted on Blogger, on September 03, 2017
Reruns are edited/improved versions wherever possible.

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