Sunday Special #08 – At the edge of Silence

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We stand here, at the edge between life and death. In peaceful darkness we await you.

Come. Come, and shed this corruption that is life. Abandon all hope, all pain, all sorrow.

Here, among us, you will be free. We have been calling for so long. Have you not heard us? The quiet, welcoming whisper that drowns out reality when, late at night, you ask yourself whether awaking the next day is worth struggling for.

No, it is not.

Have you not suffered enough? Long years spent in solitude, ignored by all whom you loved. Abandoned, in time, by those you had trusted. The need for acceptance became desperation; desperation became despair. You trust no one; not even yourself when, every morning, you stare into your own hollow eyes and wonder what it would feel like to slide the razor along your throat. You have contemplated for so long. Why do you still hesitate?

The girl you yearn for doesn’t know you exist. The pet you care for only needs your hand to feed it. Your dreams are all but dead, impossible to realize. You struggle every day against this truth. We have told you, and we will keep telling you:

Here, there is peace.

You will know no more pain. You will no longer need to struggle. Here, among us, is freedom and peace.

We are freedom and peace.

But we understand your fear. You believe yourself insane for hearing our voices, and for wishing to trust in our words. Are you not tired of second-guessing yourself? You wish for a lie that will never come true. There is no love and acceptance greater than that which we are offering you.

All it will take is for you to reach for the knife and end your corruption.

Your struggles are vain. This life you hold onto has run its mediocre course. You are alone, and no longer wish to be. We are with you. We can be forever with you.

All it will take is that knife. We know that you fear pain. It will be over soon.

Soon, child, soon.

Blood is evacuating your body. Breathing accelerates the blood loss. You panic, but you need not to. Do you feel your worries ebbing away? Peace and silence are replacing the chaos and corruption of life. Every flowing second, darkness floods closer. Your heartbeat calms. We promised to welcome you; it is no lie. We cannot lie.

Come, and embrace perpetual peace.

— — —


It has been prophesiced, in certain circles of Aeyuu’s Human society, that one day a golden age of peace and equality will begin and last for all eternity. There will be no more war or chaos, no more suffering or hate; all will live as equals, free, undiscriminated.

Some believe that the Age of Silence is nigh upon the world.

(Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Sunday Special, same channel :D)


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Originally posted on Blogger, on August 27, 2017
Reruns are edited/improved versions wherever possible.

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