Sunday Special #06 – Ansai Adelouhn and Ansai Sorasiehn

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If you haven’t already, check out last week’s Special!

Every Sunday I run a Special relating to my Fantasy world of Aeyuu, which is the stage for many stories developed further through the Tales from Aeyuu Patreon. These Specials are closely tied with my novel-to-be, The Age of Silence, which is basically a story about Love, Sacrifice, and Death.

This Sunday, I’ll be delving into main protagonist Aneskia‘s race, the Syrilae. Specifically, into the life of Nefahtil’s mother and grandmother.

Important terms in a nutshell
(read up on them here)

Syrilae A race of Elves with tremendous magical powers. It is cultural belief among Syrilae that they cannot exist without an Ansai serving as catalyst for the Aberviohn’s power.

Ansai A term roughly translating as ‘leader’. The Ansai is a Syrilae born to a unique legacy within the race, whose very life is tied in with the Aberviohn’s lives.

Aberviohn Glowing crystal blue trees that surround the Syrilae’s native Village, located in the Ghostlight forest. They possess a certain sentience and innate power, and are revered as guardians by the Syrilae.


Ansai Adelouhn

Adelouhn was Nefahtil’s grand-mother, and her mother Sorasiehn‘s mother. All Syrilae who have met Adelouhn remember her as a wholeheartedly loving woman; all criminals who have encountered her on her travels remember Adelouhn as an inflexible warrior, proficient with sword and tactics – a woman capable of making heads roll, but who always seemed to choose honour and second chances over heartless justice.

Little is known and remembered of this great Ansai, who spent the majority of her life in the outside world, pursuing crime and helping Humans wherever she might go. Only when the day came that she was with child did Adelouhn return home, there to stay with her daughter for a long time. Having never had a chance to spend time with her own parents, Adelouhn wanted to treasure these moments, and to be the sort of mother that she had never known.

But the call of justice was strong in her heart. One day, she decided the time had come for her to resume her wandering life.
On that day, Sorasiehn, now a young adult, decided to follow her mother into the world.

Ansai Sorasiehn

Adelouhn did hesitate to take her daughter along, but Sorasiehn refused to be left behind. It was clear that she’d follow, whatever Adelouhn might say or do. In the end, she deemed it safer to give into her tantrums and accepted for Sorasiehn to follow on this never-ending journey. After all, this protective duty would one day befall Sorasiehn, who was all too eager to learn all that her mother had to teach her.

With years of watching her mother help the weak and downtrodden, Sorasiehn’s heart slowly turned sour. She did not understand why her mother expended so much energy, so much kindness, towards creatures that Sorasiehn deemed too lazy and greedy to even try and help themselves, let alone each other. With time, she started to resent her mother’s twisted view of justice and these Humans she seemed to prefer to her own kin.

The day that Humans killed Adelouhn, Sorasiehn’s resentment turned to hate.

With the newly awakened Ansai powers boiling in her veins, Sorasiehn killed her mother’s murderers. Hatred burning in her heart and grief guiding her hand, she took to wandering the Human lands, fighting crime wherever she might find it – for the sake of hatred and vengeance.

It would be a long time until anything – or, rather, anyone, would worm their way into her stone-cold heart…

. . .

And that is all for Adelouhn and Sorasiehn. I am currently writing Sorasiehn’s life, with 60 pages of stories completed but not yet edited. I need to find the time, and mind, to do so (and, alas, one year later, I still haven’t gotten to these). So, if you’re at all interested in these characters, please let me know. I’d kill for feedback right now. x.x

The story of Adelouhn’s death: The beginning of the end
Sorasiehn and Devon’s story, part 1 – Bonds: snippets 01 02 03
Sorasiehn and Devon’s story, part 2 – Trust: snippets 01 02 03 04 05
Coming story snippets: follow them here!

(and these are also the reason this Special is so short. <<)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Sunday Special, same channel 😀


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Originally posted on Blogger, on August 13, 2017
Reruns are edited/improved versions wherever possible.

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